Friday, April 25, 2008

i {heart} ny...part three

Sunday morning we wanted to go to the Jewish Museum but unfortunately it was closed for Passover. What are the odds?! So we just walked through the street vendors and looked around. Then we went to the Met for a bit. We were going to eat lunch there but changed our minds.

We went and had lunch at the Olive Garden and then went to the Lunt Fontanne theater to see The Little Mermaid. It was amazing! I loved it! I was so impressed by everything about this show. The actors were wonderful, the scenery was beautiful, the songs, the dances...everything! It was everything you can imagine and so much more! I loved it!

After the show we headed back to the hotel to drop off our stuff and get ready for dinner.

We got a taxi because we didn't want to be late for our 8:00 reservation and headed to Serendipity. Oh my word! This place is adorable! I loved everything about it! We started off with some famous frozen hot chocolate. It really is as good as looks, and huge! Then I had a bacon cheeseburger for dinner. It was delicious! Totally worth it! We were planning on getting dessert too but were too full by the end. I kind of wish now that we had! I have always wanted to go to Serendipity but never had time and always thought it was way far away. But, since that is what this trip was all about, doing the little things that I've never been able to do on other trips, we did it! And, it is actually pretty close to our hotel. It is on 60th and the hotel is on 46th. It was perfect! I bought a cook book so soon I will have a Serendipity party and have everyone over for some frozen hot chocolate!

I made our reservation a long time in advance....pretty sure we had the best seat in the house! Upstairs right by this cute fireplace. I want to watch the movie again and see if you can see our table!

After Serendipity we just walked back to the hotel. Took our time and looked around. Kind of sad the weekend had to end already. Monday morning we woke up got ready, went to a few last minute stores (bought some way fun dresses!) and got our taxi back to the airport. Sad day! We had so much fun! I am so glad we decided to do this! I am so glad I got to go spend a great weekend in a great place with a great friend! So, until next time, (and yes, there will be more of these short weekend adventures in the future!) I really really LOVE New York!

Thursday, April 24, 2008

i {heart} ny...part two

After playing in the fountains we headed back to the hotel to shower. We got ready fast beacuse we had to get to Tiffany's before it closed at 6:00 p.m. Don't worry, we made it!

While at Tiffany's Dave and Adam called. We met up with them at H&M a little later and we were ready for the life of the locals! We went and had dinner at the Eatery. It was pretty good food and a way fun place.

After dinner we headed onto the subway. My fourth time to NY but my first time on the subway. It is everything I expected it to be...pretty nasty! It is just like all the trains I went on in Italy so I felt right at home!

We took the subway to Dave's apartment. We went and hung out there for a bit. That was the first time the whole day I felt dead tired! We were just sitting on the couch looking at some pictures while Adam strummed some songs on the guitar and it hit me. So instead of going home to bed we just got moving again! We headed over to Sarah's apartment, one of their friends from the ward. We went up on her roof and looked out at the entire city. It was magical! I love things like that. It was so beautiful! Just like a movie!

After hanging out there for awhile just talking and taking some pics we finally headed home to bed! It was a LONG day! But so worth it! We had so much fun!

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

i {heart} ny...part one

I am home from an awesome weekend trip to the big apple!!! I love it there. Really. Maybe a little to much! We were only there for two days but we did so much.

We left Friday April 18th around 11:30 p.m.

Saturday April 19th We arrived in NY around 6:00 a.m. We went to the hotel, changed our clothes, left our suitcases and had breakfast. Then we went out on the town! I wanted to go to Tiffany's and H&M but 5th Avenue was closed off because the Pope was going to be driving through. So instead we went on a carriage ride through Central Park. It was beautiful. Perfect weather too. I love the beauty of Central Park right in the middle of New York City.

After our carriage ride we went walking around some more. We came across a little spa and decided to check out how much a pedicure would cost. We thought it would be way expensive but it wasn't, so we got pedicures. In New York. So fun!

After our pedicures we went to make our way to the temple. Next door to the Serenity Spa was an Italian shoe store. Yep, we both got some shoes. We then went to the Manhattan New York Temple. It is so beautiful there. I love that place. I love how it is just right there in the middle of the city. If you go to New York try and at least go by. If you have time try and go inside. It really is amazing.

After the temple we went to Magnolia Bakery. So cute! I love cupcakes and these were so pretty! Definitely a place to stop by if you get a chance.

We went and sat by the Lincoln Center fountains to eat our cupcakes. It was such a nice day!

We saw some people about our age playing in the fountains and taking pictures. Looked like fun! I asked the boy taking the pictures if he wanted me to take some so they could all be in them. He said no but that he would take some of us. So, we got in the fountains. It was super fun! We got talking with the group and the 2 boys are from Utah and they are all LDS kids just living it up in NY! Can I just say I am a little bit jealous! We talked and decided that we should all hang out later that night.

By this time it was only around 3:00 p.m, the day was young.....Check back soon for more New York adventure!

Friday, April 18, 2008


My grandma is the best! I love her so much! I am so lucky to still have her around and involved in my life. Last night I was at her house visiting with her and she was giving me advice as she always does (even when not asked!) and she said the funniest thing I will NEVER forget.

We were talking about boys and things as usual, and she said, "I just don't get them, if they wouldn't be such j..." and then she stopped. I thought she was going to say jocks or something. When she stopped I asked her what she was going to say. She said, "nevermind, I don't say that work too often." I asked again and she said, and I quote, (sorry for the use of words here this is SO out of her character and that is why it was so funny, she is nearly 90.) "If boys weren't such jack asses things would be different!"

I love my grandma Hazel!

Thursday, April 17, 2008


Dawnell has tagged me and is already giving me a hard time for not doing it yet it is!

B- BEST FRIEND: I have a few
C- CAKE OR PIE: cake for sure!
H- HOMETOWN: Bountiful
I- INDULGENCES: homemade bread and cheese
K- KIDS: not currently
M- MARRIAGE DATE: 9.9.09 - perfect isn't it? It's coming up though and it's not looking too promising!
N- NUMBER OF SIBLINGS: 3 brothers and 1 sister
O- ORANGES OR APPLES: apple a day
Q- QUOTES: I love lots of quotes
R- REASON TO SMILE: sunny days, traveling, making things etc...
S- SEASON: spring
T- TAG FIVE FRIENDS: I don't have 5 friends that blog! So anyone!
V- VERY FAVORITE STORE: Banana Republic with J.Crew a close second
W- WORST HABIT: lots I know, I can't think of one right now though
X- X-RAY OR ULTRASOUND: I have never had an ultra sound but they seem more fun!

Friday, April 11, 2008

The little blue box...

I am going to New York next week for my fourth time! I am pretty excited about it! It is going to be a short weekend getaway, but tons of fun. My friend Ryann and I just decided to go, so we are! So much fun!

My friend Jeni is going to be there at the same time and we have talked a lot lately about what we are going to be doing and seeing.

One of my top things on my to do list is Tiffany's. My sister and I decided that every time we go to NY we would buy something there. Not diamonds or anything, just something small. I have two silver necklaces that I just love and yes, I have my next purchase already picked out.

While talking to Jeni about this it came up that I made a 'little blue box' cake for my sister's birthday. Jeni wanted to see it so here you go Jeni!
Some people thought it was just a birthday present cake, not so! Most people got it though! My dad even knew what it was! Maybe because last time we went to New York he was right there with us when bought our letter pendants. Love it!

Thursday, April 10, 2008

{Just Be}

Last night we had a Just Be purse party.
I am in love with these bags!
It's kind of an addiction really.
I love to see other people love these bags as much as I do!
I got some super cute things that I am really excited to use.

Don't worry if you missed it, we will do one again soon.
Probably sometime in the summer.

Kate and I sporting our twin Banana jackets and our matching {Just Be} bags.

Thanks Jeni!

Monday, April 7, 2008

The Ivins

I have known the Ivins family for as long as I can remember. Jim and Kay are friends with my mom and dad and they have kids the ages of me and all of my siblings and then some! We were all in the same home ward for most of my life.

When I was young their son Jason and his wife Robyn moved into a house in our ward. Robyn became one of my very best friends. She was a great add to the Ivins family. Everyone loved her! She was my Young Women's leader, Camp Director and a bunch of other things while I was growing up.

Jason and Robyn's kids were my favorite! I was a very selective babysitter when I was young. I would only babysit for 2 families and the Ivins were one of those. They had Jared and I would babysit him all the time. I loved him! He was and still is such a cutie! Then they had Annie and I would babysit both of them. Then they moved and I was not happy about it! To this day I am mad at the family that bought their house!

A few weeks ago was Christian's mission homecoming. While we were sitting there waiting for Sacrament to start Robyn and her family came in so we talked to them for a few minutes. We just had some small talk about our families and the usual school, dating, babies stuff. Robyn asked if anyone in our family was pregnant. I made a small comment that I am...totally joking and she knew that. forward to after Sacrament meeting. Jared comes up to me and this is how the conversation goes:

Jared. So if you are pregnant, where's the papa?
Me. Oh Jared, I was teasing!
Jared. And why was I not at the reception? I should have been invited!
Me. I was joking Jared! No wedding, no baby.
Jared. So you lied to me?!

Guess you had to be there, or know Jared but it was funny! They are so cute and getting so big! Little Annie is turning 8 and getting baptised in May. Jared likes to tease me now that he is getting older, but Annie still loves me every time I see her! I love them and wish I saw them more often! Jason and Robyn now have 5 adorable children. Lizzie, Grant and Sunny have all been born since they have been gone. Jared and Annie Ivins will always have a special place in my heart! Thanks Robyn for always being my friend and sharing your adorable kids with me!

Robyn is good at keeping people updated on their lives and emails pictures all the time. I love it! Here is one she just sent of the kids from Easter. It was actually the same day as the homecoming.

Thursday, April 3, 2008

{Just Be Event}

Stop by for some fabulous hand bags! Love them all. Every time I get a new one I say 'this one is my real favorite!' I have a lot of favorites!

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Race for the Cure 2008

Join our team for the 2008 Race for the Cure. Click here and register. Our team name is Bell'in Rosa meaning 'pretty in pink' in Italian of course! Join us and help support a good cause that has affected all of our lives in one way or another.

See you May 10th!