Monday, June 30, 2008

Back to school

It's finally official. I am going back to school this fall. I am going to LDSBC and doing the Interior Design Program. I am actually really ready and excited to go back and actually finish something. Five years after graduation, some SLCC behind me, traveling a bunch, a few times to NY, two months in Italy, I guess it is finally time!

So, starting September 8th I will be a student again!

Wish me luck!

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Ariel, her name is Ariel...

This is my niece. Her name is Avery, not Ariel. However, if you ask her, she may tell you she is a Mermaid. I do not know how this all started, but she honestly thinks she is a mermaid! I love it!


- Avery wants to dye her hair red to be like Ariel.
- I saw The Little Mermaid in New York in April, I bought the CD and Avery would look through the pages of the cover over and over. She loved it so much, I eventually copied all the pages and made her her very own book. (I didn't want mine ruined!)
- I also burned the CD for her. She knows every word to almost every song. And will sing and dance to it all day long.
- Avery is in swim lessons. The problem is that she thinks she can just jump in. Anytime. Unattended. She tells her mom that it is okay because "I plug my nose and I can walk on the bottom." This could become a problem at the pool this summer! She jumped in twice without her teacher there to help. Then once more on the way out, causing her mom to have to jump in after her. In her clothes!

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Beautiful, beautiful Zion

{Liz, me, Kristy}
{At the start of the Narrows}
{In the Narrows}
{Bishop Jacobsen and his darling family} {me and Erin having lunch}

{The start of Angel's Landing}

I went to Zion National Park a few weekends ago for my ward super activity. It was so much fun!

Friday we hiked the Narrows. I had never done the Narrows but it was awesome! I loved it! After hiking all day we had a BBQ and sat around the campfire. I love campfires. S'mores, stories, roasted starbursts and good company. What more do you need?!

Saturday we hiked Angel's Landing. It was so much fun! A little scary, but fun none the less! I had done this hike before but it's been so long I didn't know what to expect! We had lunch at the top, hiked down and then come home.

I have a really great ward. It was fun to go and spend time with old friends and get to know new ones. These activities are always a good way to build friendships. Good times!

Monday, June 16, 2008

Second chance for Secondhand

Back in April I went to the Secondhand Serenade concert at the Avalon. I was very disappointed. I LOVE Secondhand, but I do NOT love the Avalon. When we left I said that if Secondhand comes again I would for sure be going.
Well, it happened. Secondhand came again on June 11th and this time it was at Thanksgiving Point. It was awesome! I loved it! I knew that Secondhand would be a great show, the Avalon just ruined it. I am so glad I went again! I loved every minute of it! I love concerts at Thanksgiving Point. I love all out door concerts actually. They are so much fun! Good times!

{Ryann, me and Hillary before the show}

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Pat's BBQ

Every year my dad takes the whole family out to dinner to sort of celebrate the ending of the Memorial Day rush at the shop. The past few years the boys have chosen to go to Rodizio Grill, not my favorite, but the boys get to pick. My brother Josh heard of a place called Pat's BBQ so we went there for a change this year. It was good food. A lot of meat and such. The whole experience was new though.

My favorite part of the evening was when I told the waiter I wanted water and he said, "It's self serve down the hall." So my dad and I head down to get our water, thinking maybe at least a fountain type machine, this is what we got...

Too funny! It was a really laid back place which was nice so kids could pretty much just run around and hang out back in the corner. The food was good and we had a good time so over all Pat's BBQ was a good choice. (Pat's BBQ is being featured on Diners Drive-ins and Dives on the Food Network Channel soon!)

Thursday, June 5, 2008


I love to throw showers! Last night I did a baby shower for Amanda Betenson. She is having a baby girl, so everything was pink!
Amanda and I have been friends since high school. We have had some great times together! I love her! She married Travis Betenson 3 years ago and are having their first baby in July! I am so excited for Amanda and Travis. I cannot wait to see how adorable their baby girl is going to be!
Good luck guys!

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Take me out to the ball game...

My little 8 year old nephew had his last baseball game of the season last night. I went, it was the only one I have been to this year. What a game to see, he hit a very nice home run! I love these games! Since his first year playing he has improved a ton but it is still so funny to see these kids all out there playing ball. It always makes me laugh. I love it! I love Cullen, he's such a cutie! He will be turning 9 next month! I cannot believe it! Good game Cullen!