Tuesday, December 30, 2008

as long as it's sand and not snow on the ground...

{Cozumel, Mexico}

Got them all saved to the computer.
Now (eventually) I will post more pictures from the cruise.
Good times!

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

some things never change

You know those friends that you have forever?
The ones that you have gone through EVERYTHING with.
The ones that no matter how long it has been since you last saw each other you can catch up and have fun just like always, like you never missed a day together?
I have two of those friends and I just love them dearly.
It started in 7th grade. We were inseparable all through junior high. We would have sleepovers, parties, go to dinner, movies, EFY, basketball games, Utah games...you name it, we did it. Together. (We even had some rough patches through the years!)
Since junior high we have all three changed, moved on and grown up. But through it all I still consider these two amazing girls two of my very best friends.
Amanda is married and now lives in Arizona while her husband is going to Medical school and Stacy is married and lives in Kansas where her husband is making movies and the like. It is crazy to see where life takes you.
We keep in touch through emails and Facebook and every once in awhile we get together in person.
Yesterday was one of these occasions. Stacy and Amanda are home for Christmas so we planned a lunch date. It was so much fun to be with them again and catch up on old times and get updated on the present. I look up to these two so much! They are such good examples to me. Both married in the temple and strong in the gospel, working hard and happy.
When I grow up I want to be just like you guys!
I love you Stacy and Amanda!
Thanks for always being my friends!

{EFY 1999 - Love the brace face days!}

{Lunch 2008 - Almost 10 years later!}
Merry Christmas!

Sunday, December 21, 2008

all I want for Christmas is a real good tan...

Just got back from a week of soaking up the sun in the Carribean...
More to come soon

Wednesday, December 10, 2008


Today is my last day of school for the semester! I am so excited. I am much in need of a break. I think that I will be all recharged and ready to go again in January. I swear I just started and was so stressed out I didn't know if I would survive. Now, I have a whole semester done! Probably 4 more to come, but it still feels good to have one done!

I have really enjoyed learning a lot and growing. I have had some amazing teachers and made some great new friends. I feel like this is where I am supposed to be and I am excited to continue on in January. But for now it is break time!

Tuesday, December 9, 2008


That's right
Almost a quarter of a century.
Here are some of the celebrations...
Purple and orange, my favorite colored flowers from my dad.
Dinner with some friends at Settabello's, a favorite of mine
And of course gellato after. Pistachio of course, my favorite.
Dinner with the family and my 9 favorite kids on Sunday.
My favorite cake. Rainbow chip.
Unfortunately this year we had a mishap. Wrong parts oil and water will do that! Thanks anyway Kristy. Better luck next year!
Overall it was another great birthday!
Thanks everyone who helped make it that way!
I love you all!

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Body Worlds

Last week my friend KaDee and I went to the Body World Exhibit at The Leonardo. It was awesome! I love stuff like that. I love knowing how the body works and seeing how taking care of your body is a good thing. And how not taking care of your body is a bad thing. Some of the things will really surprise you! I would highly suggest that everyone goes to see it. I believe it ends the first week of January so you still have some time! Unfortunately you are not allowed to take pictures inside so if you are curious you will just have to go! Well worth it! Check out the website. It will make you want to go! Or maybe creep you out. Either way, GO!

Monday, December 1, 2008

Jackson Hole

Friday morning after all the Thanksgiving festivities were over me, Kristy and my dad headed up to the cabin for a short little get away. It was so nice up there! We ate at the fish place on the way up and then just went to the cabin and lounged around the fire. I got some scrap booking done and made the family Christmas cards. Two things I would not have been able to accomplish in these next two weeks because all of my time from now until December 12th is going to be dedicated to finishing nine huge school projects! Then, we went to Jackson Saturday and the square was so beautiful all lit up with a slight snow fall. It was awesome! We ate at a little Italian restaurant I always have wanted to try. I could only talk my dad into it since I used the excuse that it was my birthday dinner. It was yummy and fun! I am glad we went there. I don't think my dad will ever go again though because it was kind of pricey. Oh well! At least I got to go once! Sunday we packed up and came home. It was a great little much needed break!