Sunday, May 30, 2010

district love {day six}

May 18, 2010

Today was monument day.
We kept planning on going,
but kept pushing it back.
So that is what we did our last day in DC.

All the National Monuments are amazing!

We started with Lincoln's.

Then went to the Korean.

Then to the Franklin D. Roosevelt.

Then to a less known one, George Mason.

Then to Thomas Jefferson.

Then the World War II.
Then the Vietnam.

Then the Albert Einstein.

Then we headed back to Erin's to be on our way to the airport.

Thanks Erin for going to GW
so we could come visit!

Off to the airport.
Sad day!
We grabbed some lunch at Panera and headed.
We talked about what our favorite part of the trip was.
We started with one thing,
then before we knew it,
we had listed everything we had done!
It was that much fun!
Thanks so much Erin for letting us come stay with you!
It was such a blast!
I cannot wait to come back....

Saturday, May 29, 2010

district love {day five}

May 17, 2010

Monday morning we went to the
Bureau of Engraving and Printing.
Where all the US paper money is made.
It was fascinating!

No pictures are allowed on the tour,
but trust me,
it was cool.

It was cold and rainy when we got out.
We went and waited in line to go up the
Washington Monument.

It was a little cloudy so the view wasn't the best.
But it was still fun.

Next we headed to the Capitol.

The interior of the Capitol is beautiful.

This is the exact center of DC.
All the street numbers are from this point.
Erin's roommate Adriel works for
Senator Hatch's office.
We were lucky enough to have her do our tour.
It was just us three and her.
Talk about VIP.
Each state has two statues in the Capitol.
Brigham Young of course.
He is also one of only four sitting.
We attempted some jumping pics on the stairs of the Capitol.
none are posted...
That tells you how well they turned out!
After the Capitol we went to the Holocaust Museum.
Again, no photos.
I could have spent all day there.
KaDee and Erin were waiting for me after.
It is so sad and depressing,
but I am fascinated by it.
I love learning about that part of history.
We then went to take some pictures of the White House.
Never made it inside.
Next time for sure.
That night we went to dinner at a little place by Erin's house
called Rustico.
It was okay.
We had an asparagus bruchetta that was wonderful though!
Then we wanted to go to Dairy Godmother.
We did go.
They were closed.
So we went to a place called Buzz.
We had some yummy desserts.
And some so so hot chocolate.
It was a fun place though.
They had live music that night.
It was fun to just chill there for a bit.
Then we were off to bed.
Looks like we needed it...
Only one day left in the DC.

Friday, May 28, 2010

district love {day four}

May 16, 2010

Sunday morning,
while Erin fulfilled her calling,
KaDee and I went to the
International Spy Museum.
It was very interesting.
Now I think everyone is a spy.
Especially people in DC...

After the Spy Museum we did a little shopping.
Had to get some souvenirs.

Then we went to Ford's Theater.
It was very interesting too.
A ranger spoke about all the details of the night
President Lincoln was shot.
I had never heard such a detailed account of it.

We got some lunch and then met Erin for church.
Her ward was just like mine.
For some reason I thought it would be different.
I guess all singles wards are the same.

A funny thing happened at church.
Last March the fire alarm went off at my church.
{click here to read about it}
And while in Sunday School,
the same thing happened.
I never found out why.
I don't think it was due to bacon though!
Church was good.

It's always fun to go to church somewhere else.
The only complaint I had is that it started at three!
I will not complain about starting at one ever again!
After church we just made dinner and hung out at Erin's.

It was a nice day.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

district love {day three}

May 15, 2010

Another early morning.
We got up and headed to the Eastern Market.
I loved it.
A lot.
It was right up my ally.
Lots of fun handmade stuff to see.
I found a few treasures.

We ate breakfast first.
World famous blue buck pancakes.
They were for sure worth the wait!
Blueberries and buckwheat.

Right across the street was a flea market.
It was just as fun!

All the cool kids in DC wear these...

After the morning at the markets we headed to Arlington National Cemetery.

We took a little trolley tour that took us all around.

The Cemetery had a lot of cool history.
The Tomb of the Unknown Soldiers was neat.
We saw the changing of the guard there.

Someone is there all day. Everyday.

After the cemetery we went to Georgetown.
It was fun.
H&M was a blow,
but that is better for my pocket book!
We had some yummy gelatto and walked around.
After Georgetown we headed to National Harbor.
Such a cute little place!
I could have spent all day there.
More like all day here.
Charming Charlie is a shop full of goodness.
They have earrings, necklaces, watches, hair stuff, clothes, shoes and every other fun accessory you can imagine.
The best part,
it's organized by color.
It was fun!
We had fun playing and walking around.

We got more cupcakes.
This time from Cake Love.
We did not love.

We then went to Old Town Alexandria.
Another cute little city.
There was a harbor.
It was beautiful at night.
There was a group singing on the street.
These four older black men.
They were so good.
Totally fit the mood for the evening!
And this guy playing glasses.
He could play entire songs.
And they sounded good.
All on glass.

Then we ate yummy Italian food
at Landini's Brothers
in Old Town.

After Old Town we went back to Erin's and ate our cupcakes.
They were not even good.
We were very disappointed!
Oh well,
better luck next time!
Next time when we get more Red Velvets.
This was the day that I fell in love with DC.
Enough to make me think about moving there instead of New York...