Tuesday, June 29, 2010

j.crew bridal

There is a new J. Crew Bridal Store in New York.
Just one more reason for me to love NY.

Monday, June 28, 2010


Spent the weekend in Wyoming
at Martin's Cove.

6 hour drive.
3 days.
3 wards.
200 people.

New friends.
Old friends.

Pioneer stories.
Long talks.
Long walks.
Lots of great memories.

More to come.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

love today

Today I have been thinking about things I love this day for.
That's what happens when you wake up at six in the am.
Not something I love.
But you have a lot of thinking time.

Today I love that it is my last work day for the week.
I love that when I get to class at seven am
there is always a great parking spot for me.
Today I love that I get to go on a road trip this weekend with 200 of my favorite people.
{so maybe I don't know all 200, yet}
I love the temple.
I love that my school is just a short ten minute walk to the temple.
Today I am really loving the sunshine.
I love working downtown,
in an office with a law firm...
lawyers smell good, therefor when you ride an elevator with them,
it smells good too.
And, it looks pretty good!

Take some time today to love.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Sunshine and Summertime

Summer is finally here!
And I think it is here to stay!

This weekend I took in all that summer has to offer.
It was a great first sun filled weekend.

I look forward to many more this summer.

Friday night was spent with Ryann.
We planned this night a month ago.
Life is busy so we have to schedule early.

We went to dinner at CPK
and sat on the patio.
Then we walked and saw all the chalk art
at the Gateway.
I thought it had to be done that day,
but people were still working on it.
They were really cool though.

It was so fun to catch up with Ryann.
I love our time spent together.

After we saw all the art we went to Juicy Berry and had some fro-yo.
We sat outside and ate it.
It was such a nice night!

Thanks Ryann!
I can't wait for next time!

Saturday I did my first long run.
I did seven miles
and it only took eight minutes longer than it should have.
Not too bad for my first long run since...
It was beautiful weather though!
If this holds up till August I may actually be ready for my race.

After that I met Liz at the Rec Center for a swim.
I love sun tanning!
It's bad.
It was fun to hang out and chat with Liz.
Sometimes I feel like life is so busy

we forget to just slow down and enjoy.

After the pool I got ready for our ward BBQ.
It was the Bridging the Gap BBQ.
Trying to make our ward united.
It was okay.
Not as great as I was hoping for.
It kind of made me sad.
I know this ward will unite.
It just will take some time.

After the BBQ I got a bunch of people to go to
the chalk art.
I had to see them finished!
It was fun.
A bunch of people came.

{me and Liz}

{me . Jess . Liz . Mandy}

{me . Jess . Jen . Mandy}

After the chalk we played in the fountains!

{Rachel . Nate . Ty . Jess . Ash . me . Mandy . Shawn}

{Brady . Shawn . Nate...trying to fight the water}

Then we walked back past the art again.

{Ashley, the mermaid}

{Nate . Shawn . Brady . "Sitting Ducks"}

{me . Ash . Einstein}

Oh what fun summer is going to bring!

Friday, June 18, 2010

Top of Utah

I did it.
I just signed up for
The Top of Utah Half Marathon.
{I know the picture says Marathon...Yeah right!}
Not sure why.
I get these ideas in my head.
And once I set it
I feel like I have to do it.
A few years ago I set a goal.
Two half marathons a year.
I know,
that's nothing compared to some people.
I did Moab in March.
Ogden was full.
I didn't love Park City.
So, I am trying a new one.
Ten weeks and counting!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

LI Girls

I worked at Lasting Impressions once.
I didn't love it.
But I did love the two graphic designers I worked with.
One by one we all quit.

We decided to go to dinner once a month.
We were so good for awhile.
But we are all super busy
and somehow we pushed it aside.
For almost a year.

Last Thursday we finally got together.
It was so much fun!
We went to dinner and then did a little shopping.
That is usually what we do.
It was a blast to catch up with these girls.

Thanks Tif and Clairice!
I can't wait till next month!

Monday, June 14, 2010

best road trip ever

Last weekend I headed up to the cabin with a couple of friends.
Ryan was getting ready to leave to Oregon
for his residency and wanted to go hiking in Jackson before he left.

Sunday night we decided to go.
Tuesday night we planned it.
Saturday we left.
{I had Abby's baptism and I think Ry had a meeting or something}

Love last minute road trips!

We had so much fun!

Here is the recap of the short cabin adventure...

Saturday we met at my house to head out.
Me, Kristy and Ryan.
Ryan's friend that was going to come ended up not being able to last minute.

We just drove straight to the cabin.
Except for one small turn around when Kristy saw this...


Once we got to Star Valley, after a stop at the new cabin in Fairview, we went and ate at the Cheese Factory.
Or as some people call it,
the Cheesecake Factory.
I think they were hoping for that.

Hope they weren't too disappointed!
I think that was the first time I had been there
since the new owners.
It was fun.
I don't think those small town girls knew what was coming when we walked in.
Especially the fudge girl.

After dinner we went to the grocery store
to get food for breakfast.
Grocery shopping with gourmet chef Ryan
in Thayne Wyoming
was very entertaining.

We then grabbed a redbox and went to the cabin.

Maybe it's because we had been driving all day
or something else, I'm not sure
but we had lots of fun at the cabin!

I showed them the hay house.
There is a house near the cabin made of hay barrels.
Yes, I said barrels.
It became known as the marijuana house.
Ryan wanted to go on an adventure there.
So we did.
Around midnight.
We only made it half way there
and Ryan saw a cat
{he still claims it was a cougar or something}
And ran back to the car.

Ryan was worried he would get caught
so we covered his license plates.
Like that is much safer.

His exact words were...
"Every time I do something like this I get caught!"

Sunday we got up bright and early to go to church.
As we are walking in,
all three of us into the Sacrament room
a nice lady says;
"Relief Society is this way girls"

Don't judge me,
but in all my 25 years going to the cabin
I had never been to church there.
My grandma goes sometimes.
And it used to be Sacrament first.
I knew I should have checked!

We made a split decision and decided to go make breakfast and then go back for Sacrament.
Three hours of church is a long time when you are on vaca.
Don't judge!

We went back and Ryan put his mad skills to work.
He made spiritual crepes.
With wheat flour and brown sugar.

They actually turned out delicious!
I will admit,
I doubted him.

After breakfast we went back for Sacrament meeting.

Then we changed and headed to Jackson.

The plan was to hike in Jackson.
Wasn't that the purpose of this trip?!

We walked around town.
Ate lunch at a place I didn't know existed.
Found my favorite store,
Wild Hands
that I thought no longer existed.
Hunted out the best Thai food in Jackson.
Found a new store called
Vom Fass.
I loved it!
Ryan and I could have spent all day there.
Kristy got bored.
So after trying a thousand types of oil and vinegar,
we went to the candy store
and got some chocolate covered cinnamon bears.
The staple snack of the trip.
We walked around some more.
Went through the park.
Got some ice cream at Moo's.
You know, the usual Jackson things to do.

It was perfect weather.
I wanted to hike.
I didn't wear my hiking shoes for nothing!
But for some reason,
Hiking was not on the top of our agenda.

We eventually at least made it to Jenny Lake.
Just in time for the rain.
It was still so beautiful!

These are Ryan's attempts at amazing photography.
I call these, through the woods.

Didn't want him to feel left out.
And he was all ready to pose on the bridge.

We got drenched!
Mostly because we tried to splash Ryan every time we saw a puddle.
We never got him.

Just ourselves.

Then we headed back to have dinner
at Bon Appe Thai.

After dinner we just went back to the cabin again.
We were going to watch a movie but we just stayed up and chatted.
That was way more fun than a movie!

Monday we got up and had more crepes.
Delicious again.
Then we cleaned and headed home.
Another split decision landed us in Bear Lake.
It takes a little longer
but since Ryan is leaving the country,
{who knew Oregon was in another country?!}
he wanted to go that way.
And none of us were in a hurry to get back for anything.
Why not stop and have a fresh {or frozen fresh} raspberry shake and some fries?
Can you see the excitement in his eyes?

When you have a last name like VanWoerkom
you get all the cool stuff on sale!

He maybe got mad when we were trying to buy this in secret.
Come to find out he just wanted to make sure we heard when they called our name for the food.
He gave them my new code name.
{We had to come up with code names when we were on our marijuana house adventure Saturday night in case we got caught!}
That's the best we came up with.
December for me.
April for Kristy.
Clever huh?
Ryan didn't go to nine years of medical school for nothing!
After getting lost in the beauty of Bear Lake
and a drive by Ryan's family farm,
we made it home.
Thanks for making this one of the best cabin weekends ever
Kristy and Ryan!
And good luck in Oregon Ryan!

Friday, June 11, 2010

a new favorite

I don't know why I have never seen this before.
But it is my new favorite book!

She gives pretty great advice.

Thursday, June 10, 2010


Passion is an emotion applied to a very strong feeling about a person or thing. Passion is an intense emotion compelling feeling, enthusiasm, or desire for something.

Sometimes I wonder about things in life.
Lately that sometimes has been a lot.
Mostly in good ways.

I remember my very first semester of school,
a girl said to me while working on a project in a class,

'Just do what you are passionate about, you have to have that passion.'

Some days I feel like I have it.
Some days I don't.

And I don't just mean in school.
I mean in life too.

You have to be passionate about things.
Everything that is important to you.

A friend recently asked me...

'What are you passionate about?'

When he asked me this,
I pretty much just gave straight forward answers.
Family, friends, etc.

But when I really think about it,
passion is deeper than that.

There are somethings in my life.
Some people.
Some places.
Some activities.
That I really am passionate about.

It is those things that make me happy.
Those are the people I want to spend my time with.
The places I want to be.
And the activities I want to be doing.

These photos are a little reminder to me
of what passion can do.

This was a design competition for the
Student Furniture Design Program.

Love them!

Not totally sure where I was going with this.
Just had some thoughts on my mind...

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Stake Service

Friday night we had a stake service activity
in Kamas.

I had to be home for Abby's baptism Saturday
so we didn't do any service.
We just went up Friday night.
The service part was Saturday morning.

But, it was something to do.

It was actually a lot of fun!
It's so great to be in these settings.
It really helps to get to know the new ward members.

It was fun talking with Bishop Murray.

A bunch of us are working on bridging the gap of our ward.
It's a hard thing to combine split and combine wards.
But we are coming together.

Bishop really wants to get me married off...
I am not sure if he is being nice,
or just trying to get rid of me!

He sent these boys to help us get our stuff out of the car.
All of them.

I love President Smith.
He is also on team get Jessica married.

I love this woman too.
Bishop Crosland and his family went to DC a few weeks before me.
Bonnie and I have similar tastes I guess.

Stabbing bags of popcorn.
Best way to bridge the gap.

I am sad I didn't get to actually do the service Saturday, but it was fun to just go up for a bit. My new ward is really going to be great. I just people catch the vision soon. It will be what we make it out to be.