Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Thanksgiving weekend

Thanksgiving this year was a little different.
It was different, but good.

The weekend started off with me, dad and Jason's family
going to Little America for Thanksgiving dinner.

The wait was about an hour,
but the food was delicious.

I took the boys over to the Grand America.
Mostly because I wanted to see it!
But it also helped with the wait.

It was grand.
And it was magical.
That place is always beautiful,
but even more so at Christmas time.

We went to the new toy store,
Jou Jou.
The boys loved it!

After dinner it was off to the cabin.

Kristy, Ben and Eliza joined us later that night.
We just hung out.
Had some snacks and hot chocolate and relaxed.

Friday morning I woke up to this...

Then we just did some more hanging out,
playing in the snow,
watching some movies,
doing some Black Friday shopping online
and keeping warm by the fire.

Then we got all bundled up and went into town for some dinner.
We ate at Agave.
Not a lot of options in Afton Wyoming the day after Thanksgiving.

I have to point out Eliza's boots here.
I have the same problem with boots going over my calves!

Josh and his kids came up that night to join us.

Saturday we got up,
bundled everyone up and headed out to cut down our Christmas trees.

This will be a year we never forget!
Between saws not working,
people going 50 miles away to find a 40 foot tree,
not bringing food for lunch...

Let's just say we will do a few things different next year.

Overall I think everyone had a fun time.
And the kids were all really really good.

We sledded, snowmobiled, hiked, waited etc.
And finally found some great trees.

After a long day we headed back and had dinner at Pizza Hut.
It was packed!
Again, not a lot of options!

While we were sitting there we saw the town light parade start.
We ran out with the kids.
It was so much fun!
We were there just at the right moment.
It was a great ending to the day.

We headed back to the cabin and watched Elf.
Always a good time!

Sunday we got up,
packed and cleaned up and headed home.

Lawson modeled his new boots before we left.

Another fun year at the cabin for Thanksgiving.

Dad and I stopped at Taggart's for some lunch.
Which by the way, was delicious!

Then we went home and set up the tree.
It was not an easy task,
but I think it turned out just right.

Let the Christmas season begin!

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

turkey toss 2011

Every year Harmons does a promotion called
Gift for a Gift.

Harmons raises money to donate turkeys
to the food bank and other places in need.

Then people go and toss them from a semi truck,
pile them up inside,
and families in need come and get them
along with everything else to have a Thanksgiving dinner.

This was my first time doing this promotion
and the turkey toss.
It was a lot of fun!

It is so humbling to see thousands of people come
stand in line in the cold just to get some food.
It really made me thankful for all that I have.
And it really got me ready for the holiday season.

This year,
Harmons and Harmons customers raised
which is a lot of money!
It is pretty exciting for us.

Be thankful for all you have this season.
And try to help someone in need if you are able.

Monday, November 28, 2011

the reason

I love this time of year.
And I love this little reminder
at the Bountiful Temple
of the reason we have this special time of year.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Thanksgiving Dinner

Sunday we had Thanksgiving dinner.
This year is every one's off year
so we decided to do a Bott Thanksgiving a little early.

It was so much fun!
I am so glad we did it.

Everyone was there.
Everyone brought food.
I cooked my very first whole turkey.
{which was a tad bit over cooked}
And everyone seemed to have plenty of food!

It was craziness as soon as the prayer was said!
I don't know why,
but this was a big messy dinner,
more so than usual Sunday dinners.

But it was worth it.
I love my family and I am so thankful for them.
My nieces and nephews are so adorable.
I love just spending time with them and loving them.
They make the Holidays magical.

This time of year is always a little rough.
And I know that it will be that way forever.
But it is so fun to be able to all be so close
and be able to do things like this.

Sometimes when a family loses a loved one,
the family falls apart.
I am so thankful that losing my mom had a different effect on our family.
We have all come closer through it.
Through the past 6 years we have all looked out for each other a little more.
And tried to help each other out a little more.

I love this time of year.
Even though it is hard sometimes.

I am thankful for my family.
And I am thankful for the knowledge I have
that we will all be together again someday,
if we live the way we know we should.

Happy Thanksgiving!
Be thankful.

Monday, November 21, 2011

Friday, November 18, 2011


Like the Toms,
I swore I would never buy Uggs.

A few weeks ago I was at Target with Ryann
and I tried on some fake ones.
They just looked so warm and inviting.
And they were.
But I couldn't do it.
Not the Ugg part,
the fake Ugg part.

I went home and looked at them online.
WAY too expensive for something I swore I would never have.

So I again decided,
Uggs were not for me.

I told Kristy about this moment of weakness
and she said I would love them.
But again,
too pricey.

A week or so goes by
and Kristy invites me to Logan to go to a sale.
This was a sale at an outdoor-ish clothing place
such as Sports Authority or Dick's.
It is exclusive to teachers in Cache County and friends.
Kristy's sister happens to teach in Logan.
Her sister also went last year and got Uggs for about half off.

I couldn't go to this sale.
But Kristy being the great friend that she is
offered to keep an out for some Uggs in my size.

Let's just say
we text and talked on the phone a few times while she was at the sale.

And I ended up with Some Uggs.
I wore them that day it snowed a ton
and I loved them.

Now I own Toms and Uggs.
What is happening?!

Thanks Kristy for sharing the deal with me!