Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Thanksgiving weekend

Thanksgiving this year was a little different.
It was different, but good.

The weekend started off with me, dad and Jason's family
going to Little America for Thanksgiving dinner.

The wait was about an hour,
but the food was delicious.

I took the boys over to the Grand America.
Mostly because I wanted to see it!
But it also helped with the wait.

It was grand.
And it was magical.
That place is always beautiful,
but even more so at Christmas time.

We went to the new toy store,
Jou Jou.
The boys loved it!

After dinner it was off to the cabin.

Kristy, Ben and Eliza joined us later that night.
We just hung out.
Had some snacks and hot chocolate and relaxed.

Friday morning I woke up to this...

Then we just did some more hanging out,
playing in the snow,
watching some movies,
doing some Black Friday shopping online
and keeping warm by the fire.

Then we got all bundled up and went into town for some dinner.
We ate at Agave.
Not a lot of options in Afton Wyoming the day after Thanksgiving.

I have to point out Eliza's boots here.
I have the same problem with boots going over my calves!

Josh and his kids came up that night to join us.

Saturday we got up,
bundled everyone up and headed out to cut down our Christmas trees.

This will be a year we never forget!
Between saws not working,
people going 50 miles away to find a 40 foot tree,
not bringing food for lunch...

Let's just say we will do a few things different next year.

Overall I think everyone had a fun time.
And the kids were all really really good.

We sledded, snowmobiled, hiked, waited etc.
And finally found some great trees.

After a long day we headed back and had dinner at Pizza Hut.
It was packed!
Again, not a lot of options!

While we were sitting there we saw the town light parade start.
We ran out with the kids.
It was so much fun!
We were there just at the right moment.
It was a great ending to the day.

We headed back to the cabin and watched Elf.
Always a good time!

Sunday we got up,
packed and cleaned up and headed home.

Lawson modeled his new boots before we left.

Another fun year at the cabin for Thanksgiving.

Dad and I stopped at Taggart's for some lunch.
Which by the way, was delicious!

Then we went home and set up the tree.
It was not an easy task,
but I think it turned out just right.

Let the Christmas season begin!

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