Tuesday, December 6, 2011


It happened.
I am officially in my late 20's.

I feel...
a little old.

But it's okay.

I have been looking back on the past year of my life.
Of course it is easier for us to look at the things we did NOT accomplished.
I feel like a lot of the things I have not yet accomplished
are no longer in my control
or are things that are going to take more time.

So I decided to look back at the things that I have done.

26 was a good year for me.

Last year at this time KaDee said 26 was going to be my year.
She meant my year to get married,
but I think in a way,
even though that did not happen,
26 was my year.
Or a good one at least.

Here is a list of some of the things I did or accomplished this past year...

Soon after my birthday last year I graduated from college.

I got a great job.
Then 9 months later I got a promotion.

I finished my goal of going to every temple in Utah. Well all but 1.
{I still think that is an accomplishment}

I went on a cruise to Mexico.
I took friends to the new cabin.
I went to DC/Virgina
I went to San Francisco for the first time.

I got a great tax return.

I had my heart hurt but got through it.

I got kicked off my dad's insurance.
Then got my own.

I ran the Moab half.
I ran the Top of Utah Half.
And ran the Race for the Cure.

I met some really great people.
Ones that will stick around,
and ones I am glad were in my life,
even if for a short time.

Helped open 2 new Harmons.
Worked with amazing people from MS and Special Olympics.

Took a break from 'hanging out'.

Saw Les Mis, Mary Poppins and other Broadways.
Planted my first tomato plant and flowers.

Tried many new cupcake recipes.
Butter finger, strawberry, pumpkin...

Closed my Facebook for 2 months.

Let go of things out of my control.

Had a ward change. Again.
Got a new bishopric. In the new ward.
{I can honestly say I love my ward again}
That's a good thing. It's been awhile.

Started my '30 things to do before 30' list.

Made it through another September.
{6 years without mom}

Went to my first ever pumpkin patch.

Got an Iphone.
Bought a car.

Saw some of my very best friends get married.

And that's just a few.

So to celebrate 26
I made a full weekend out of it.

Weekend birthdays are the best!

Mine was on Friday.

I took the day off.
We get paid birthday off.
It's a beautiful thing.

I just went to lunch with Grandma, Kristy and Eliza.
Plates and Palates of course.

Then we went to the mall and to Jeni's store.
It was a fun day.

That night I went to Settebello with some friends.
It was a fun time!

Then, in keeping with tradition,
we went to Temple Square to see the Christmas lights.
I love Temple Square.
And I love it even more at Christmas time.
It was beautiful.
I think the lights this year are much better than last year.

It was super cold,
but we had fun!

Then we went back to my house
ate delicious cake Kristy made.

Saturday I had a ward party.

Then Sunday we had family dinner.
It was delicious!
And made by Kristy and Ben
and cleaned up by Meridith.
I should have birthdays more often!

Thanks to everyone who shared this celebration with me!
It was a lovely weekend.

Here's to 27
and another great year!

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klt9976 said...

Happy Birthday!!!!! Thanks for being born!