Wednesday, December 28, 2011

the list

Back in September I decided to make a list of
30 things to do before I turn 30.

It is less than 3 years away now.

I wanted to post this on my 27th birthday,
but I was not finished.

Then I thought it could be a good
New Year's resolution list.
But it's not a resolution list.
It's just a list.

I figured there is no time like now.

So here it is...

The List
30 things to do before I turn 30
in no particular order

1. Go to Disneyland
2. Do service in Thailand or another country
3. Go to Rome – see the Temple
4. Bottle pickles and pears (and anything else I decide to try)
6. Run a marathon
7. Ride in a hot air balloon
8. Buy a bike
9. Complete a bike race
10. Get caught up on scrapbooks
11. Learn how to make Grandma’s mint brownies
12. Do Bikram yoga
13. Go to a Yankees game
14. Wax my legs
15. Make Kay’s Christmas rolls
16. Go to Chicago
17. Take photography classes
18. Run a half marathon in under 2 hours
19. Sleep under the stars
20. See the Rockettes in New York
21. Go to Hawaii
22. Go stargazing – real stargazing, telescopes and all
23. Have a picnic
24. Give blood
25. Cook Thai food
26. See the Nutcracker again

27. Start and finish my t-shirt quilt
28. Visit friends and family that live out of state
29. Visit every temple in Utah – Monticello and all new ones
30. Go to Havasupai

I hope to refer to this list often.
I will also update as I check things off.

Here it goes...


Liz Royall said...

Come do the marathon with us this year!! At least apply for the lottery!!!! :-)

klt9976 said...

Can I steal some of yours and you can help me with some of mine. Like Havasupi?!?!

Haylee said...

I LOVE this list. I read it when you wrote about it last month, but I was thinking about it again today. Disneyland is my #1 too!! Also, I'm SOO SOO sad I didn't read this in time. I got invited to do a flash mob dance last week, but no one wanted to do it with me!! Wish I would have called you!