Monday, January 31, 2011

Jazz Game

Friday Night Adam and I went to the Jazz game.
I try to go to one or two a year.

It was lots of fun!
And they actually won.

Way to go Jazz!

Saturday, January 29, 2011


At the end of my third full week at my new job,
I can still say I am loving it!
I am finally feeling like I belong there.
Name tag, business cards and all.
Of course it's an adjustment working full time.
But time is flying by.
I have learned a lot already.
But don't worry, I have tons left to learn.
I work with some really great people and I am enjoying getting to know them all.
I am thankful for this opportunity and loving every minute of it!
{well, mostly every minute!}

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Sundance 2011

Last year I really wanted to go to Sundance.
It snowed the day we had planned to go
and people did not want to go in the snow.

This year I decided I was going.
Kristy and I decided we would go even if it ended up just being us.
We invited a few people and had a great group!

It was tons of fun.
We just went up
and had dinner at a delicious Irish Pub called Flanagans
and walked around.
And of course hit Rocky mountain Chocolate Factory.

It was beautiful up there!
I loved it!

A little snow fall.
Not too cold.
Beautiful lights.

We didn't see anyone really famous.

We pretended we saw Sandra Bullock...
We talked to people who saw Oprah.
And we saw the boys from Buried Life.
{A show on MTV I had never heard of}

Oh well.
I don't think I would know half the stars if I walked right past them.

It was a fun night!
It's always fun to take advantage of fun things going on.

Here's to Sundance 2011

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

you're not ready for it

Sundays have been a little weird for me the past few months.
As of last Sunday I had missed my own ward for an entire month.
Christmas we just had Sacrament meeting,
then I was gone on the cruise for two Sundays,
and last week I had a farewell.
I have never missed church like that.
It felt weird.
I missed it.
So - I decided that after a good little break
I was going to return with a good attitude.
Full force.
Back in it with all I've got.
Sunday was ward conference.
It was really really good.
And really good to be back.
President Dunn spoke.
I thought a lot about the time he spoke to us in the Salt Lake Temple and said
"stop reaching for unattainable things."
I was talking with a friend last week about boys and these silly situations I get myself into.
{not bad situations, just silly ones}
My friend pointed out that maybe I get myself into these situations because they are safe.
Keeping contact with a boy that works clear on the other side of the country is probably not going to blossom into anything more than my texting boyfriend. Ever. Even when he comes home once a month.
That and a couple other situations just like that occupy my last year or so.
So back to my conversation with my friend...
He said, maybe you are not really ready for anything serious to happen because you just keep going with these things that will most likely never work out.
And it hit me.
He was right.
So...I am changing my ways.

It is time to stop reaching for unattainable things
when there are many attainable opportunities right in front of me.
On to bigger and better!

Choosing happiness and moving forward.

Friday, January 21, 2011

be happy

Happy Friday!

Do something that makes you happy this weekend.

After all,
it is choose happiness month.

Buy yourself a lovely Valentine gift.
I know that makes me happy...

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Mariner of the Sea Part 3

Day 6
January 7, 2011

At Sea

Today was relaxation day.
Some sun.
Some hot tubing.
Running on the deck, one of my favorite things.
There is nothing like running on a cruise ship.
Then it was our second formal night.
Then another show.
The entertainment was so so.

Day 7

January 8, 2011

At Sea.

There was no sun and lots of wind.
We pretty much did nothing.
We ate lunch at Johnny Rockets.
With all the free food on the ship that we were sick of,
5 bucks for hamburgers, fries and onion rings sounded wonderful.
It was a blast!
The waiters were a riot!
The food was delicious.
And it was something to do.
After that I napped.
Last one before returning to a real 40 hour work week.
Then we packed and got ready for dinner.
Last dinner with Raj and Ellen.
It was fun.
Then the last show.
It was a juggler/comedian.
Pretty fun.
Day 8
January 9, 2011
Got off the ship in LA.
Came home.
It's always so good to sleep in your own bed.
{not a twin size with your dad snoring three feet away}
And that my friends
is the end.
Dad said no more family vacations till I am married.
I apologized to my brothers.
It may be a few years before we do this again...

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Mariner of the Sea Part 2

Day 4
January 5, 2011


We taxied into the town.
The taxi ride was scary,
but maybe the best part of Mazatlan.
We shopped,
we beached,
we did a little street dancing.
We went back to the boat early.
I don't really care to ever see Mazatlan again.
That night we had dinner and then went to the best show of the week.
It was an ice show.
It was incredible!
Yep, there was an ice rink on the ship.
It was a combination of ice skating and cirque.
Really really cool!
That night I had an elephant waiting on my bed from cute little Clever,
our room guy.
He was so cute I wanted to bring him home in my suitcase!

Day 5
January 6, 2011

Puerto Vallarta

I liked Puerto Vallarta.
First stop, the Church of Guadalupe.
I love that kind of thing.
Must be the interior designer in me.
It was cool.
Nothing like a European Cathedral of course.
Then we did the usual.
Shopped, beached, etc.
I got some beautiful pearls.
There was a really cool row of sand art.
I mean huge castles, Santa and his reindeer and tons of other cool stuff.
Even a sandman live statue.
After spending as much time in the sun as possible, we headed back.
A couple on the beach told us a great way to get back to the ship.

Walmart buses.
We thought for 65 cents you cant go wrong.
If you know me,
you know how I feel about Walmart.
Well....these buses just solidified my feelings more.
We were lucky we made it back to the ship!
But hey, it's all part of the experience.
That night was dinner as usual.
Always a good time with Raj and Ellen.