Monday, February 28, 2011

thank you Obama

I am not a very political person.
so I am not really a political person at all.

But due to Obama
I am getting a very nice tax return.
Who knew working part time,
going to school,
and claiming as an independent
would result in a great refund.

I know a lot of people don't like Obama.
But in 3-4 weeks when my check comes,
I will like him just a little bit more.

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Cabin Trip

Last weekend a few friends and I went to the cabin.
It was a nice little get away.
The snow was beautiful!

We wanted to stay till Monday but some of us had to work President's Day.
Those in the grocery business can't get a day off!

We had fun
even though it was kind of short.

Next time I will be able to take work off.
I just couldn't right after San Fran.

Here are a few pictures of our weekend.

We played games.
Ate yummy food.
Watched movies.
Stayed up late.
Went to Jackson.
Skied. {Jared and Eric}
And just had a good time.
Thanks Dad for letting us go up!

Thursday, February 24, 2011


I know this came out a few weeks ago
but I just had a chance to really look at it yesterday.
Oh my word!
Thank you
for making the most beautiful wedding line
I have ever seen.
Now if only I could put some of these lovelies to use...

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

just hang on

I went to LDS Business College.
Every Tuesday was a devotional.
I went every so often.
I liked them.
They just never fit in my schedule.

People posted this on Facebook and I really like it.
This is the President of the school.
He taught my ID Business class.
He is awesome.

When faced with a wilderness in life,
hang on.
Just hang on.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Monday, February 21, 2011

left my heart in San Francisco {part 4}

February 8th

Today was our last day to see and do a few things.
Sad that trips have to come to an end.

We first went to see the Painted Ladies.
The houses in Full House.

They are beautiful.
But I am a sucker for that kind of stuff.

After that we went to Haight and Ashbury.
Hippie Ville.

We had breakfast and shopped and walked around.
It was fun.
Some interesting little hippie shops.

After Haight and Ashbury we had to stop at a few more stores.
One more run through H&M.

Then we got our bags and headed to the airport.
Never fun going home.
We were all pretty tired though and ready to sleep in our own beds.

We had a blast!
Saw tons, did tons, bought tons.
I would say it was a successful vaca.
I can't wait for my next adventure!
{I do not have Kristy and Miriam's photos yet so I may have to do a recap with more photos in the near future. Be excited...}

Friday, February 18, 2011

left my heart in San Francisco {part 3}

February 7th

Today was the day.
The day I fell in love with San Fransisco.
Probably because we did the classic things.

We went and caught a cable car ride first off.

Our first ride just took us to the pier to rent our bikes.

After testing the waters by riding around the pier for a minute
I was ready to go.
If you know me,
you know I have a slight fear of road bikes.
I can spin at the gym.
But put me outside and I get scared.
I fear being hit by a car.
I did it!
I biked the Golden Gate Bridge.
And I loved it.
Such a neat thing to do.
We stopped and shopped around and had lunch in Sausalito.
Darling little city.

Then we ferried back.
Then we rode the cable cars some more.
This time the driver was so fun!
We had a blast!

Then we went to dinner with Kevin,
another friend of Miriam's.
We went to his house and oh boy.
It made me want to live there!
Then he told us how much it cost
and I realized I could not afford it!
We ate at a delicious kebab place.
Great food, even better service.
It was fun!
A great day of seeing the sights of San Fran.
And another great weather day.
We couldn't have asked for anything more.
more to come...

Thursday, February 17, 2011

left my heart in San Francisco {part 2}

February 6th

We headed straight to the Pier to go on our Alcatraz tour.
Kristy and I got some breakfast at a darling little cafe.
We met Miriam in line and went to Alcatraz.

I was fascinated with Alcatraz.
I love learning about things like that.
Very interesting.

After Alcatraz we hung out at Pier 39.
Had lunch.
Shopped around.
It was fun.
And a beautiful day!

After that we headed to Ghirardelli Square.
It was fun.
Some darling little shops
and some delicious chocolate.
We had some ice cream.

The plan was hot chocolate but weather called for ice cream instead.

This is the only cupcake shop I saw the whole trip.
Cupcakes must be an East Coast thing.
I swear there was one on every corner in D.C.
This is Kara's Cupcakes.
Organic and pretty good.

After Ghirardelli we went to Lombard Street.
The most curved road in America.
It was pretty cool.
I loved all the houses down the street.
I loved all the houses in San Fran period.

It felt like it had been a long day...
so we had to rest up.

That night Miriam went and hung out with a friend that lives in San Fran.
Kristy and I walked around Little Italy.
Did a little more shopping.
{this trip was not good on the pocket book}
Then we had dinner at a delicious Italian place near our hotel.
Then we were off to bed after another fun filled day
more to come...