Thursday, June 30, 2011

thank you John Mayer

Sometimes we all need a little reminder.

I heard this song last night for the first time in a long time.
And it just happened to be the perfect time to hear it.

You better know that in the end, it's better to say too much than never to say what you need to say again.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011


Remember last summer?
I do.
It was tons of fun!

Last summer was maybe the best so far.
It was jam packed with goodness.

Got summer 2010?

Outdoor movies
Chalk art festivals
Raging Waters
Late nights
Snow cones
New friends
Road trips
Martin's Cove
Hot springs
Trip to DC
Swim parties
Late nights with a boy
Seven Peaks
Cabin trips

And all of that while being Relief Society Pres and being in school!

This summer is still young,
but it is not up to par with last year.

I have done a few of the above.
But not nearly enough.

Part of this is because -
1. friends are getting married
2. friends are teachers and think it is okay to move out of state for the summer
3. a new ward
4. a full time job
5. feeling friendless due to 1 and 2

The count down is on till my DC visit.
15 days.
Then after that Kristy will be home in a few weeks
and hopefully we can resume our summer festivities and make 2011 as good as 2010.

Some other fun things are coming up -

Hopefully some late nights, preferably with a boy
Road trips {cabin and St. George}
Hopefully some new friends
Hopefully some good times with the new ward

Here is to trying to make summer 2011 a little better than it has been so far!

Monday, June 27, 2011

green thumb

I wish I had a garden.
I really love flowers.
And I think with a little practice I could be a good gardener.

I got some plants for free from work a few months ago.
I decided to plant them in the limited space at my house.
I also got a tomato plant and planted it.

they are all doing great!

The tomato is even starting to bloom
which means tomatoes are right around the corner!

One day,
I will have a garden.
A garden full of veggies and flowers.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Butterfinger Cupcakes

Have you heard of Starring Rolls?
It's a little service counter
in Disney's Hollywood Studios.

Heard of it?
Neither had I
until I started looking for a butterfinger cupcake recipe.

If you know me,
you know I have a thing for cupcakes.
I wanted to make butterfinger cupcakes.
Don't ask why.

these cupcakes are simply amazing!
They seem really hard, but they weren't too bad.
And I did a little Saturday and a little Sunday so it was fine.

These cupcakes are a chocolate cake.
With a fudge filling in the middle.
With butter cream frosting.
With a chocolate shell.
Rolled in crushed butterfingers.

Need I say more?!

One thing I may change is the fudge center.
That was just a little too sweet for me.
Almost put me over the edge!

But really.
These are amazing!

It makes me want to go to Hollywood Studios
and try the real deal.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Mama Mia

Saturday I went to Mama Mia.
Kristy couldn't come so Michelle came along.
It was a fun afternoon!
It's always fun to spend some good quality time with family.

Then we went to the Gateway to meet the whole family
for the Memorial Day celebration dinner at Tucano's.

Another fun filled day!

Monday, June 20, 2011

MS Golf

I had a super busy weekend.

It started Thursday after work when a bunch of us went up to Midway to spend the night so we didn't have to drive up there at 4 in the morning Friday for our MS Golf tournament.

We stopped at a few outlets and then met everyone for dinner.
Then we went and got acquainted with some vendors,
played some games,
and started earning money for MS.

Friday we got up bright and early to get ready
and headed to the golf course.
It was super cold for awhile but eventually warmed up.
We all even got some tan lines by the end of the day.

It was a fun day just hanging out in the sun and chatting with vendors and others as they would come to our hole to golf.

After the tournament we had lunch, awards and prizes.

Then we headed home.
We hoped we would be home by 2 or so but that did not happen!
Oh well.
It was for charity!

I had lots to do but didn't have time when I got home.

That night I went to dinner with Mike at a place up in Ogden.
No pictures so why do I share this?
Just to share my sad ending to the day,
a speeding ticket on my way home.

Oh well!
Better luck next time!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Monday, June 13, 2011

Dirty Dash

Last weekend was the
Dirty Dash.

The Dirty Dash is a 5k run.
In mud.
With obstacles.

I must say,
maybe the funnest race I have ever done!

Here are a few pictures from before the race...

And here is our after shot...

We had so much fun!
Can't wait till next year!

Thursday, June 9, 2011


A trip to DC in July.
Cannot wait!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Swim Party

Saturday after the Dirty Dash
{more on that when I get pictures}
We had a Farewell Swim Party.

Kristy is going to DC for a couple months
so we had to get one in before she left. 

It was a blast as usual!
Luckily the weather was pretty nice.

Maybe the best s'more I have ever eaten. Thanks Eric!

Our battle wounds from the race. They are worse than they look!
Thanks Ben and Adam for that one!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Memorial Weekend

I realized I never posted about
Memorial Day.

We headed up to the cabin.
I don't think we have all been there together since Thanksgiving.

It was a fun weekend!
Nice and relaxing.
The weather was pretty good,
way colder than a normal Memorial weekend,
but it only snowed for a minute.

Hopefully by our family reunion in June we won't have to take our winter coats.
Keep your fingers crossed!

The weekend consisted of:

Sleeping in
Playing with the kids
Four wheeling
Riding the Rhino
Rafting in the pond
Building a fire pit
Using the fire pit
Chocolate covered grahams
BBQ with other family in town
Lots and lots of UNO
A short trip to Jackson
Yummy food
A nice weekend away

Monday, June 6, 2011

I dreamed a dream

Last Thursday I went to Les Mis.
It was the last one Vicki will be attending for awhile.
They left the next morning for Ohio.

It was a fun night!
Always lovely to be with Vicki and Diane.
Bryan came along this time too!

The show was really good.
Beautiful music.

Friday, June 3, 2011

school's out for summer

Having 11 nieces and nephews can be a lot of work!
Just kidding,
it's fun!

Last week 3 of them had school programs.
I wish I could make it to every one's all the time,
but working full time does not allow that to happen.

It just turned out last week that Abby had her program a day I had to be at the Station Park store for an event.
I stopped by on my way back to the office.
Perfect timing!

Abby's program was about all the sensory skills they had learned this year.
It was pretty entertaining.

She did a great job!
Love you Abs!

The next night,
Lincoln and Lukas had programs.
Luckily they were at night so I could make it to both of them.

Lincoln had his preschool graduation.
It was cute!
The teacher showed a movie of the year and gave the kids all an award.

Good job Linc!
Off to kindergarten!

Right after Lincoln's graduation,
we headed of to the school for Lukas' opera.
Yes, a second grade opera!

It was rather entertaining!
First the first graders did an opera about rocks and worms.
Then the second graders did one about aliens and milkshakes.
Don't ask...

It was hilarious!
I am glad I got to go!

Lukas was the cutest little alien there!
{even if he didn't wear his googly eyes until after!}

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

{Choose} Passion

June is choose passion.

I had a teacher in school that always said,
do something you are passionate about.

I tried, while being super busy with school,
to still do things I loved.

I traveled.
I scrap booked.
I spent time with family and friends.

Passion is the driving force for doing what we love.
To have passion for something means you really love it.

This month I will remember what it is I love.
I will remember what it is that brings me joy.
I will try to find new things to be passionate about.

This month I will choose passion.