Monday, January 30, 2012

Sundance 2012

I love Park City.
And I love Sundance.

Park City is so pretty during Sundance.

A bunch of us went up Saturday just for fun.
I tried a couple resources to get tickets for a film,
apparently you have to get them months in advance.
I will remember that for next year!

We just went up,
hit the outlets for a bit,
went and had dinner
and then walked Main Street.

It's so fun and something different to do.

Thank you Sundance 2012

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

the last pickle

This is the last jar of pickles in my house.
And it made me very very sad.

I went to grab one and realized it was the last.

small things make me really miss my mom.
Like the last jar of pickles.

Because it's one more reminder
that she will not be canning more pickles or pears or peaches this summer.
And she won't be here to teach me how. 

And then I think of all the other things I have done and will do,
without her.

And that really stinks.

So I have a new goal.
{Even added it to the 30 list}
Learn to can this summer.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012


I got some Jazz tickets from I guy at work
so Kristy and I went.

I like to go to a game or two each year.
We of course hit the mall first,
grabbed some dinner and then went to the game.
It was a fun little night.

Thanks for the tickets Wes!

Monday, January 23, 2012


It's been a little stressful at work the past few weeks.
To say the least.

Then I click on our website and see this giant countdown clock.
We'll just say that it caused a tiny bit more.

today we hit 22 days, 22 hours, 22 minutes and 22 seconds.

City Creek is coming!
And as weird as it is to be excited for a new grocery store,
I am.
Maybe I am just excited to get it open.
I guess that's just my life.

February 15th cannot come soon enough!

Friday, January 20, 2012


How did I forget my love for these?!

Valentine's Day is the day after our City Creek store opens,
so Valentine's is not the top thing on my mind.

Luckily I had to go get all kinds of Valentine candy for ad art for work
and these just happened to be on the list.

They also happened to be the last package.

I feel like the world was in my favor today.
If even just for that moment.

We take what we can get, right?!

Happy Friday!

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

new year, new you

I realize we are almost a month into 2012
but life has been a little crazy for me.
I have not had a chance to slow down and think about what I want this year.
Set some goals.

I don't really like resolutions.
But I do need to be better in some areas.

Lots of little things.

Things like
going to bed at a decent hour.
Bringing lunch to work.
Studying the scriptures more.

Just to name a few.

So here's to 2012
hope it's a good one!

"As we reflect on the value of resolving to do better, let us determine to discipline ourselves to carefully select the resolutions we make, to consider the purpose for making them, and finally to make commitments for keeping them and not letting any obstacle stop us.
Let us remind ourselves at the beginning of each day that we can keep a resolution for that day. As we do this it gets easier and easier until it becomes a habit."

-Eldon Tanner


Thursday, January 12, 2012


Ryan has been in Portland for almost 2 years now.

I finally made it out for a visit.
And let's just say,
Portland is another place for me to love!

I left Friday and came home Sunday so it was short,
but it was fun!

December 30th

I left after work and got to Portland.
Ryan picked me up and we went to eat at St. Jack's
a delicious French seafood place.

Then we went to Ryan's for a bit.

Then we went to Pix for dessert.
One of Ryan's friends met up with us
so we just hung out there for awhile
and ate yummy desserts.

December 31st

First stop
Voodoo Doughnuts.
I am not a huge doughnut fan,
but these were pretty tasty.

And Ryan loves this place so we had to go.

I failed to get a picture before we ate them,
but this is what was left of our choices.

mango tango
Mexican hot chocolate
an Oreo one
and a lemon powdered sugar one

After that we just hung out around Portland.
We went to some fun little shops
and ate at Ryan's all time favorite Portland place.
Pok Pok.
And it was good.
He knows his food!

That night we had a little New Year's party.
Some of Ryan's resident friends came over.
We just played games and such.
It was fun!

January 1st

We went to church after Ryan made french toast for breakfast.
Then we went to some waterfalls.
We went to Bridal Veil and Multnomah Falls.
So beautiful.
Probably what made me fall in love with Portland.
Or the West Coast I should say since we weren't actually in Portland.

It is so pretty there.
And Ryan kept reminding me that this is not even the peak time.
It gets better in the spring.
Guess I have to go back!

We then went to White Salmon, Washington.
It was a darling little town.
And fun because Ryan had never been there.

We walked around and then went to a pub to have lunch.
They were doing tours of their brewery so we joined in on that.
It was interesting to see how they make all that beer.
The lunch was so good.
We had a vegetable burger with edemame pesto on it.
I have got to learn how to make it!

Then that night we went to see the temple.
The Portland temple is amazing.
I need to go back and actually do a session there.

This is when I rolled down Ryan's window
and it did not roll back up.
Not good news!
But that's all we're going to say about that!

Then we went to a little Sunday get together
at a house one of Ryan's friends was house sitting.
A really rich persons house.
Ryan made soup and we just stayed there for awhile.

January 2nd

Last day.
I hate when a vacation ends.

We went to Tasty and Sons for brunch.
It was really good.
Another one of Ryan's favorites
and it did not disappoint.
Worth the wait and the grumpy Ryan!

We just kind of hung out that day too.
We went to a fun little shopping area and looked around.
Then just went back and got my stuff and hung out at Ryan's for a bit.
He had to work that night so he needed to rest up.

We headed to the airport and I came home.
And he had to go to work until 9am the next day.
Life of a resident.
I do not envy that!

So there it is,
a fun little weekend in Portland.
And another one of those places for me to add to my list.
My list of I want to go back there,
I could live there,
I love it there.
You know, that list.

Thanks Ryan for the fun time in Portland!
I will definitely be coming back!

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

mommy for a week

Kristy and Ben are on a cruise.
Rough life!

They wanted Eliza to be able to sleep in her own bed while they were gone.
So, I get to watch her every night.
How great would it have been to take a week off of work and just watch her instead?
Not possible.
Especially right now, work is crazy!

I sure do love getting her every night,
getting her ready for bed,
and then getting her up and ready every morning.
And to see her face light up when I pick her up,
nothing is sweeter.

I just love this little girl!

The best part about it
is that she is THE best baby.
And I am not just saying that.

Goes to bed right around 8.
Sleeps through the night.
I even have had to wake her up some days.

I don't know what Kristy and Ben will do if they ever have a 'normal' baby!

Thanks for trusting my with E!
I couldn't love her more!

Friday, January 6, 2012

South Pacific

Wednesday nigh Kristy, grandma and I went to
South Pacific at Capital Theater.

It was fun to bring grandma along.
And she just was so excited to be going!
She painted her nails,
bought a new scarf
and was ready and waiting an hour before we picked her up!

The show was cute
and the company was great!

It was a fun night!

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Lion House

This year we did our Bott family Christmas party
at the Lion House.

It was really really nice.
It was fun to just get ready and go.
Not having to prepare or clean up one thing!

We did this the last Christmas mom was here
so it was a little bittersweet.
But honestly, the holidays always are.

We ate,
read some Christmas quotes,
Lukas recited 'Twas the Night Before Christmas',
completely memorized.
Abby played a song on the piano,
opened gifts,
and had a great time!

After the Lion House we all bundled up
and went and looked at the lights.

It was a really nice night
spent with the ones I love.
What Christmas is all about.