Wednesday, January 4, 2012


Christmas time is crazy around my house!
So many little kids,
things get wild!

It's fun though!

Christmas Eve everyone came over for pajamas,
books and hot chocolate.
This is my favorite part of Christmas.
Ever since I was little we would get jammies on Christmas Eve.
I love doing it for the kids now.
Of course I wish mom was doing it,
but we work with what we get.

Christmas Day was spent opening gifts,
Christmas morning is real exciting for me and my dad.
My favorite part is sleeping in!

We ate breakfast casserole and Kay's Christmas rolls
that I actually made this year.
{it's on the list, more on that later}

Then Josh and his family came over.
They were all so excited and thankful for their gifts.
It was adorable!

Then I went to dad's ward.
It was fun to see all the old wardies.
There are some really good people in my home ward.
I loved seeing them on Christmas day.

After church we went to grandma and grandpa's house for dinner.
It was fun to be with everyone.

Later the rest of the family came over for their gifts.
The second round of gift openers were a little less excited and appreciative.
I was a little bit mad at them just asking for more gifts.
But, they are young so I guess they just don't understand.

Little Eliza was in love with her toy set though.
It was so fun to help her open her gifts.
I just love her!
I love all my cute nieces and nephews.
They make this time of year fun.

Then the day was over.
It came and went,
just like every other year.

It was a good holiday.
This time of year is always a little bit hard,
but together we always make it through.

I am so thankful my my great family
and the closeness that we all share.
And for my dad for always being there for us
in so many ways.

Merry Christmas!

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