Wednesday, January 18, 2012

new year, new you

I realize we are almost a month into 2012
but life has been a little crazy for me.
I have not had a chance to slow down and think about what I want this year.
Set some goals.

I don't really like resolutions.
But I do need to be better in some areas.

Lots of little things.

Things like
going to bed at a decent hour.
Bringing lunch to work.
Studying the scriptures more.

Just to name a few.

So here's to 2012
hope it's a good one!

"As we reflect on the value of resolving to do better, let us determine to discipline ourselves to carefully select the resolutions we make, to consider the purpose for making them, and finally to make commitments for keeping them and not letting any obstacle stop us.
Let us remind ourselves at the beginning of each day that we can keep a resolution for that day. As we do this it gets easier and easier until it becomes a habit."

-Eldon Tanner


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klt9976 said...

Nice quote. I keep meaning to put it on my blog!