Thursday, February 2, 2012

i'm going to disneyland!!!

Kind of late,
but I still have to post this because it's so funny!

For Christmas my dad gave the kids a trip to Disneyland!
We are not going until September,
but I am WAY excited!
I have not been since I was 12 probably.

We had to come up with a clever way to tell the kids.
So Ben photo shopped their faces into photos of kids in Disneyland.
Some look real, some look real funny!

I framed them and wrapped them
and dad gave them at our Christmas party.
It was so fun to see their faces light up when they finally figured it out.

Laci said to me on our way out,
'are we REALLY going to Disneyland?'
They just couldn't believe it!

It will be so much fun to experience Disney with so many darling little kids!
The way is should be done.

I can't wait!

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izza said...

There's no place like Disney. It's all fun there and everything is beautiful. Take your time to have a Disney Vacation sometime.