Tuesday, February 14, 2012

love delve 2012

Here it is...
The 2012 love mix.

Love Delve 2012
{Don't judge. Not a lot rhymes with 12}

Say You Like Me by We the Kings -
If you like me, then say you like me.
I Can’t Make You Love Me by Adele -
I can't make you love me...
All About Us by He Is We -
Eyes on you, eyes on me, we're doing this right.
A Thousand Years by Christina Perri -
I have died everyday waiting for you. Don't be afraid, I have loved you for a thousand years.
Fix You by Glee Cast -
If you never try you'll never know.
Heart of The World by Lady Antebellum -
It only takes one true believer to believe you can still beat the odds...
Everybody Hurts by Avril Lavigne -
Everybody hurts some days. it's okay to be afraid. everybody feels this way.
Streetlight by Joshua Radin -
I don't mind the wait as long as you know it's the wait that could be the something.
In Your Arms by Kina Grannis -
I felt my heart was trying to find a place for you to stay, a place where I feel safe.
All That I’m Asking For by Lifehouse -
You're all that I'm asking for.
Superman by Taylor Swift -
I watch superman fly away, go save the world, I'll be around.
Faster by Mat Nathanson -
You make my heart beat faster.
I’m Through by Ingrid Michaelson -
I know there'll come a time again when everything will fit right in and I won't have to see your face in strangers in the street.
See You When I See You by Jason Aldean -
Let's not say goodbye, I hate the way it sounds. I'll see you when I see you, and I hope it's someday soon...
The Call by Regina Spektor -
It started out as a feeling which then grew into a hope. No need to say goodbye.
Dancin’ Away With My Heart by Lady Antebellum -
I haven't seen you in ages, sometimes I find myself wondering where you are.
Bullet Proof Vest by Colbie Caillat -
What are you trying to hide, you won't let me inside. You're making it hard to get to your heart. It seems these days that everybody wears a bullet proof vest.Run by Mat Nathanson featuring Sugarland -
You pull me in close, you buckle my knees. I know that it's wrong, still I run right into you.
Breathe Again by Sara Bareilles -
All I have, all I need, he's the air I would kill to breathe. Holds my life in his hands, still I'm searching for something. Out of breath, hoping someday I'll breathe again.
Stronger by Kelly Clarkson -
Doesn't mean I'm lonely when I'm alone.

There you have it.
Happy Valentine's Day!
Love this day.

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