Wednesday, February 22, 2012

the new facebook

I closed my Facebook again.
Actually, I closed it a couple of months ago now.

I think this time it's for good.
Or at least for a good while.

Our ad agency at work has been trying to get us to do a Harmons Pinterest.
Brian has taken over our Facebook,
another reason I was able to close mine.
So I am taking on Pinterest.

I never opened one before.
Well, I did, but it overwhelmed me so I closed it.
Almost as fast as I opened it.

After a meeting a few weeks ago
I braved the pinning world and open my very own Pinterest account.

And I must admit.
I love it!

I have found so many fun things
and some yummy recipes.

It's a great excuse too,
to be on Pinterest at work.

Now onto the daunting task of a Harmons page.
Hopefully we can figure it out.

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