Wednesday, March 28, 2012


Sometimes I really miss my ward at the U.
Not even the last one,
but the Bishop Crosland one.
And even the Bishop Jacobsen one.

I ran into an old friend from the good old days last week.
We chatted about how great it used to be.
And how things have changed.

If you know me,
you know these ward changes have been hard for me.
Most change is.

Monday night my ward had combined FHE with Bishop Crosland's ward.
I love the Crosland family.
Every time I see them I miss what once was.
But that night I realized something
{or re-realized something I already knew}

I am where I am supposed to be.
And people are in my life right now for a reason.

Bishop Crosland, his wife and his family will always be a part of my life.
And now, I'd say the same thing about Bishop Horgesheimer.
And their counselors.
And their wives and families.
They have all been and are now in my life for a reason.
And I love them all.

After FHE Monday night,
Bishop took a few of us out for ice cream.
I sat there thinking to myself,
this finally feels like where I should be.

we had a really good thing going at the U.
And I am thankful for that time of my life.
But things are different now.
Things have changed.
But I know they are for our good.
For my good.

I still may not love everything about the new ward,
but there is enough to make me appreciate it.
And appreciate what once was.
And to enjoy what now is.

Monday, March 26, 2012

jazz vs nuggets

Ryann and I went to the Jazz game Friday night.
It was tons of fun!

We started the night at City Creek,
of course.

We shopped a little bit
and had dinner.
Then headed to the game.

It was a fun night!

Friday, March 23, 2012

Beauty and the Beast

Last night was our last Broadway of the year.
{except for Wicked in August, but that's extra}
Beauty and the Beast.
And I loved it!

Of course we started the night at City Creek.
We ate dinner at the new Nordstrom restaurant.

Then we headed to the show.
It was really good.
I'd never seen it so it was lots of fun.

Then we stopped at Harmons for a couple things
and headed home.

Downtown is my new favorite hangout.
It's rising...

It was a fun night out with two of my favorite people.
Thanks Kristy and Meridith for being so great!
You are two of the best examples in my life.
I love you!

Thursday, March 22, 2012

it arrives

And I am a little bit excited...

I was lucky enough to get to go to the
charity gala last night.
Mariah called and Randy had given her his tickets.
Of course I jumped on the invitation!

This place is seriously incredible!
I felt like I was in New York or San Fransisco.

It is beautiful.
Go check it out this weekend.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Moab 2012

Moab has come and gone for another year.

This year was a little different.
Due to some things at work I could not leave early Friday.
Jen and Dan were kind enough to wait for me.
We left Bountiful around 6.
Stopped in Draper for some dinner.
Then made the trek to Moab.

The whole way down I thought,
this is so silly to come all the way to Moab for less than 24 hours.

As soon as I walked out of the hotel room Saturday morning,
I remembered how much I love that place.

It is beautiful!

The weather was really nice except for the wind.
It was warmer than I remember most years being.
The race was okay.
I am not a fan of running against wind for 13 miles!

we did it!

After the race we went and made t-shirts and then headed home.
It was a very short trip,
but there is something about this race that just keeps me coming.

Year 6 complete.
One step closer to the 10 year club!

Friday, March 16, 2012

happy green day!

Monday night for FHE we had a St. Patrick's Day party.
It turned out to be tons of fun!

I asked my friend Katie who is an Irish dancer to come teach some dancing.
We had done this in a previous ward so I knew it was fun.
She is in a different ward so we decided to just combine.

We ate green waffles, drank green milk, danced and had green dessert.
I think everyone had a great time!

Happy St. Patrick's Day tomorrow!
I will be running in my green in Moab.
Wish me luck!

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

quick cabin trip

Dad goes to the cabin a lot.
I feel like I can never go.

Kristy and Ben were planning on going this time and
I felt like I hadn't been in so long that I decided it was time.

We left last Friday after I finally got of of work.
{bad week, I couldn't leave very early}
We headed straight to the fish place for dinner.
We just made it in time before they closed.
Actually, we weren't going to make it.
My dad called and they let us order so it was ready when we go there.

Saturday we went to Jackson.
It was so fun!
The weather was beautiful.
We tried to get famous Eskimo Bars at Snake River Grill.
Come to find out,
after hanging around Jackson for a few extra hours,
that it is only a summer dessert.
Guess we'll have to try again!

Then Sunday we came home in time for Ben to speak in church.
I went to church.
Then came home to get Kristy's birthday dinner ready.

It was a short little trip,
but much needed.

It was nice to just get away and be at the cabin.

I hope to make it more often this summer.

Monday, March 12, 2012

birthday girl

Today is my sister's birthday.
So yesterday we had dinner to celebrate.

Homemade spaghetti of course.
I'll say the spaghetti turned out much better than the cake!
Hopefully I have better luck next time!

And yes, we are wearing the exact same thing.
So of course we had to take some photos!
Luckily we don't go to church together!

Happy happy birthday Kristy!
I hope it's a great day!
Love you!

Thursday, March 8, 2012

the weekend

This past weekend was so nice.
I didn't really do anything big,
that's what was nice about it.

The past month or so I have not really had a weekend off.
A weekend to do nothing or to just do what I want.

Saturday was one of our Broadway shows.
Rock of Ages.
Ben was sick so we invited dad to take his ticket.

Let's just say,
the show was not what we were expecting.
At all.
We left about 30 minutes into it.
It was worse than a bad movie.

The show was a matinee 
so we planned on running a few errands after
and then going to dinner for Kristy's birthday.

Since we had some extra time we did some shopping.
We went to Sundance and the mall and a couple other places.

It was so much fun to just hang out with Kristy and my dad.
Just like old times.

We had a really good day.

Times like this make me miss my mom.
And I know they make my dad miss her more.
But I think it's good for us to spend these times together.
Being together is what she would want.

It was a great day!

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

brushing shoulders

I'm not super into famous people.
For example,
when I go to Sundance,
I wouldn't know a famous person if I was standing right next to one.

Last week I had to go to City Creek do do a couple of things.
I thought while I was there I would grab some bread for dinner.
I was in line and just started chatting with 4 men that were discussing pumelos.

We talked for about 10 minutes about the store,
where they were from - New York,
why they were visiting, etc.

As we finished one said,
'oh, I'm sorry, I didn't even ask your name'
I told him my name.
He said good to meet you,
I'm Joe DiMaggio Jr.
and walked away.

For a second I thought,
that's someone famous.

Then I remembered.
Joe DiMaggio from the NY Yankees.
This was his son.

I think they thought it was funny that I had no idea who they were.

After that I went to the Salt Lake temple.
And who did I sit by waiting to do initiatories?

Sister Julie B. Beck.

I guess today was a good day to be downtown Salt Lake.
One more reason I love the city.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Bear Lake

I'm not sure words can even begin to explain what happened on this trip.

Things like...

fast break
all I packed was fun
third night
secret Reese's
Friday night allergens

And much much more mean nothing to most people.
But they are what made this trip!

It started out as a ward overnighter at my Bishop's cabin in Bear Lake.
One night turned into two and the rest is history!

Friday night two groups were set to leave Bountiful at different times.
I had bowlapalooza so I couldn't make the early group
and didn't want to wait for the later group,
so Sharley and I decided to just head up as soon as possible.
Trevor decided to join us as well.

We left around 5pm and the fun began.

After several stops along the way,
{and texting pictures of our events to the Bishop}

Brigham City Temple
Dinner in Logan at Bluebird
A quick stop at the ER
The grocery store

We pulled into the cabin around 10pm.

It seemed a little weird when we first got there,
but eventually things warmed up.

I'd say Sharley, Trevor, Mark and I pretty much spent the whole weekend
hanging out in the kitchen, with the Bishopric.
And we loved it!

Friday night was full of fun, laughs and getting to know everyone,
especially the bishopric, really well.

Saturday morning I got up to do the breakfast
and saw the sunrise over Bear Lake.
It was beautiful!
About an hour later the lake was gone.
The storm came in and we couldn't see a thing.

The bishopric made a decision to eat and pack up to head home.
No sledding.

We got to the canyon and it was closed!
Two cars had slid off into the river.
Another bishopric decision,
pile everyone into 4-wheel drive cars and head back to the cabin.

Some people were excited about this.
I was not overly excited,
but there was not much else to do.

Fast forward a couple hours.

Bishop says that the roads are clearing and a couple of cars could head if they want.
My car jumped on that!
Not that any of us had anything huge to do,
just when you are not planning on staying, it's hard.

Brother Haslam's car left and my car followed.
Trevor was driving, it was safer that way.

We start heading out of the cabin and off goes Brother Haslam down this little side hill
headed straight for a playground.
Luckily he only hit a tiny tree or two.
We didn't see the whole thing because we must have hit the same ice and started spinning around.
Luckily Trevor is a good snow driver.
I probably would have crashed into a rock!

We kept going.

The canyon was open.
5 minutes into it we couldn't see anything.
The wind slowed and we kept going.
Then again, white out.
Brother Haslam stopped his car and came running back to us
and said, we better go back.

So we did.
We gave it our all.
But we were not getting home that day.

We went back to the cabin.
Found our usual places at the kitchen table
and pretty much stayed there the rest of the night.

Between a grocery store run and pizza with the Bishop of course.

We set a midnight curfew since it was Sunday and headed to bed after a lot of excitement.

Sunday morning we got up, ate, packed and headed home.

We made it just in time to get ready for church.
Then we had a fireside.
By Monday I am surprised any of us went to FHE after so much togetherness!

Let me just say this,
there is nothing that brings people closer than a ward overnighter.
Especially one that turns into 2 nights!

We ended up having a pretty good time.
This one will go down in the books!

Thanks Bishop Horgesheimer for sharing your cabin with us!
We had a great time! {even if we didn't always act like it!}
Can't wait for the summer trip!