Tuesday, March 6, 2012

brushing shoulders

I'm not super into famous people.
For example,
when I go to Sundance,
I wouldn't know a famous person if I was standing right next to one.

Last week I had to go to City Creek do do a couple of things.
I thought while I was there I would grab some bread for dinner.
I was in line and just started chatting with 4 men that were discussing pumelos.

We talked for about 10 minutes about the store,
where they were from - New York,
why they were visiting, etc.

As we finished one said,
'oh, I'm sorry, I didn't even ask your name'
I told him my name.
He said good to meet you,
I'm Joe DiMaggio Jr.
and walked away.

For a second I thought,
that's someone famous.

Then I remembered.
Joe DiMaggio from the NY Yankees.
This was his son.

I think they thought it was funny that I had no idea who they were.

After that I went to the Salt Lake temple.
And who did I sit by waiting to do initiatories?

Sister Julie B. Beck.

I guess today was a good day to be downtown Salt Lake.
One more reason I love the city.

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