Wednesday, March 28, 2012


Sometimes I really miss my ward at the U.
Not even the last one,
but the Bishop Crosland one.
And even the Bishop Jacobsen one.

I ran into an old friend from the good old days last week.
We chatted about how great it used to be.
And how things have changed.

If you know me,
you know these ward changes have been hard for me.
Most change is.

Monday night my ward had combined FHE with Bishop Crosland's ward.
I love the Crosland family.
Every time I see them I miss what once was.
But that night I realized something
{or re-realized something I already knew}

I am where I am supposed to be.
And people are in my life right now for a reason.

Bishop Crosland, his wife and his family will always be a part of my life.
And now, I'd say the same thing about Bishop Horgesheimer.
And their counselors.
And their wives and families.
They have all been and are now in my life for a reason.
And I love them all.

After FHE Monday night,
Bishop took a few of us out for ice cream.
I sat there thinking to myself,
this finally feels like where I should be.

we had a really good thing going at the U.
And I am thankful for that time of my life.
But things are different now.
Things have changed.
But I know they are for our good.
For my good.

I still may not love everything about the new ward,
but there is enough to make me appreciate it.
And appreciate what once was.
And to enjoy what now is.

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