Wednesday, March 14, 2012

quick cabin trip

Dad goes to the cabin a lot.
I feel like I can never go.

Kristy and Ben were planning on going this time and
I felt like I hadn't been in so long that I decided it was time.

We left last Friday after I finally got of of work.
{bad week, I couldn't leave very early}
We headed straight to the fish place for dinner.
We just made it in time before they closed.
Actually, we weren't going to make it.
My dad called and they let us order so it was ready when we go there.

Saturday we went to Jackson.
It was so fun!
The weather was beautiful.
We tried to get famous Eskimo Bars at Snake River Grill.
Come to find out,
after hanging around Jackson for a few extra hours,
that it is only a summer dessert.
Guess we'll have to try again!

Then Sunday we came home in time for Ben to speak in church.
I went to church.
Then came home to get Kristy's birthday dinner ready.

It was a short little trip,
but much needed.

It was nice to just get away and be at the cabin.

I hope to make it more often this summer.

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