Monday, April 30, 2012

Park City

It seems like once a month I head to Park City with these ladies.
Plus Jessica Jones.

It's always a fun time!
Especially when we all try on the same dress.
Over our clothes.
In the middle of the store.

We went Friday night.
Shopped and then ate some dinner at Redrock.

Thanks ladies!

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Jazz vs. Suns

Last night I had tickets to the coveted 
Jazz vs. Suns game

If the Jazz pulled it off,
they would be headed to the playoffs.
And lucky for them,
they did it!

It was a fun game!
I don't love the 8:30pm games,
especially when I had an early work day,
but we had fun anyway.

I had 4 tickets this time 
so Jason and Meridith came with me and Ryan.
Notice the opposing jerseys?!
The ending wasn't as happy for Ryan...
But luckily he got over it.

Now it's off to the playoffs.
Hopefully I get some tickets!

Monday, April 23, 2012

City Creek

I think eventually the excitement of City Creek will wear off.
But for now it's just so much fun!

I maybe went twice this weekend...

Friday night I went and did some shopping with Kristy and Jen.
It was about time we had a girls night.
It was the first time I actually went there just to shop and look around.
It was fun!
We shopped and then ate at Kneaders.

Then I went with Ryan on Saturday because he had not been yet.
I had to show him what all the talk was about!
We just walked around the mall and went to see the chalk art at Harmons.
Then we went to Bruges and ate some delicious Belgian waffles.
I had never been there but I will for sure be going back!

It was a lovely weekend to spend time outside in the sunshine!

Friday, April 20, 2012

thank you Ingrid

For another amazing performance.

Kristy and I went last night to see
Ingrid Michaelson.

Every time I see her,
I love her more.

She is darling,
her voice is incredible
and her songs are even more so.

If you like Ingrid and have never seen her live,
you should try it sometime.
She will not disappoint.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Keith's Birthday

Last Friday we went to Pat's BBQ for Keith's birthday.
It was a fun little celebration.

Happy birthday Keith!

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

join us

Whose Life Are You Running For?

Participate in the Annual Susan G. Komen Salt Lake City Race for the Cure and show everyone whose life you are running for. Are you running for your mother, your sister, a co-worker, a friend? Are you running for your own life? Or are you running for the future? No matter whose life you are running for, now is the time to get involved and run for their life!

It's that time of year again!
Only a few weeks before the
Komen Race for the Cure

Join our team!
Race info:

Date: Saturday May 12th
Time: 8:30am
Place: Library Square - new location

Go to
to join our team.
Search for our team

Bell'in Rosa
and join us!
{must be registered by May 5th}

If you have any questions feel free to ask!
Invite your friends and family.
Let's get a big team and make a difference!

Monday, April 16, 2012

Friday, April 13, 2012

City Creek

Saturday night,
dad took Ammon and his family to dinner for his birthday.
I joined, as I usually do.
Sometimes it pays to be single.

After a delicious dinner at the Spaghetti Factory
Dad and I headed to City Creek.
I've been wanting dad to see it so since he was already out of Bountiful,
it was a great night to go.

Abby and Avery joined us.
They were so excited.
Avery told me that a girl in her class had already been.
I think that's why Aves wanted to go.
It was pretty cute.
A girl after my own heart!

It was fun to show dad the beautiful mall.
I think even he was impressed.
And Abby and Avery thought it was pretty cool too.
They are good little shopping buddies.
We'll have to do it again!

We didn't stay too long,
I just had a couple of things to do.
I still need to go and just spend time there
and leisurely shop.

Some day...

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Baby Rice

After the gym, bike shopping with Trevor and pedicures with Kristy
Saturday consisted of a baby shower for Rebekah and baby Rice.

I am so excited for Eric and Reebs to have a baby boy!

The shower was fun!
It was good to see lots of people again.
We had yummy food, opened gifts and chatted.

I can't wait to meet baby Rice!

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

jazz game

This weekend was jam packed!

It started Friday night when I went to the Jazz game.
I think I’ve been to more Jazz games this season than in my whole life!

Mark and Rhonda had tickets and Rocky had to work so Ryann invited me!
It was a fun night with the Jensen's.
Mark had good seats from Coke so it was much better than the last ones I've been to.

Thanks for the good time!

Monday, April 9, 2012

Easter Sunday

I love Easter.

I think the meaning and the peace it brings is what makes me love it.

When I was little
it was all about getting a new dress and homemade chocolates from Grandma Bott.
But now that I am older and have been through things in my life,
I realize how incredible the events that we now call Easter were.

Yesterday I knew that our sacrament meeting was not a special Easter theme.
I was a little disappointed about that.
But of course the speakers all tied it in in ways,
But I missed the whole program being Easter.

Two of my friends spoke and it was really great.
Sharley talked about the week before and the events that took place.
Then Trevor spoke and went on to the actual hours and events.

The meeting was beautiful.
And just what I needed to hear.
Trevor talked about the atonement and what it means in our lives today.
He talked about how the atonement is not just to cover and clean us from our sins.
It is to help us have eternal life.

And to be able to be with the ones we love,
and have lost,

And that is what I love about the atonement.

And that is why I love Easter.
To have the knowledge that I have
that one day I will be with my mom and all my loved ones again
is just amazing to me.

In relief society the lesson was from the manual but it seemed to fit perfectly.
I’m sure that was planned!
It was about the immortality of the soul.

Jill showed a clip from Elder Wirthlin’s talk
Sunday Will Come.
It was beautiful and perfect for the day.

Sunday will come.
No matter our grief or sorrows,
Sunday will come.
And no matter how many ‘Fridays’ we have.
Sunday will come.

After church everyone came over for dinner.
It was a lovely day.

And even though we’re old now,
Kristy and I still had matching Easter dresses.
And now Eliza gets to join in the fun!

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Special Olympics Golf

Last week I went to St. George for work
for the Special Olympics Golf Tournament.

It was lots of fun!
I could get used to this being my office everyday.

We mostly worked but managed to fit in a little fun.

Benja's Thai {some of the best Thai I have ever had}
A little shopping
A little pool and hot tub time
Some sunshine
and a fun day of golf with the vendors
I went for a run
Painted Pony dinner

Overall the trip was a success!
We raised over $57,000

Thanks to everyone for their help and support!