Friday, April 13, 2012

City Creek

Saturday night,
dad took Ammon and his family to dinner for his birthday.
I joined, as I usually do.
Sometimes it pays to be single.

After a delicious dinner at the Spaghetti Factory
Dad and I headed to City Creek.
I've been wanting dad to see it so since he was already out of Bountiful,
it was a great night to go.

Abby and Avery joined us.
They were so excited.
Avery told me that a girl in her class had already been.
I think that's why Aves wanted to go.
It was pretty cute.
A girl after my own heart!

It was fun to show dad the beautiful mall.
I think even he was impressed.
And Abby and Avery thought it was pretty cool too.
They are good little shopping buddies.
We'll have to do it again!

We didn't stay too long,
I just had a couple of things to do.
I still need to go and just spend time there
and leisurely shop.

Some day...