Monday, April 9, 2012

Easter Sunday

I love Easter.

I think the meaning and the peace it brings is what makes me love it.

When I was little
it was all about getting a new dress and homemade chocolates from Grandma Bott.
But now that I am older and have been through things in my life,
I realize how incredible the events that we now call Easter were.

Yesterday I knew that our sacrament meeting was not a special Easter theme.
I was a little disappointed about that.
But of course the speakers all tied it in in ways,
But I missed the whole program being Easter.

Two of my friends spoke and it was really great.
Sharley talked about the week before and the events that took place.
Then Trevor spoke and went on to the actual hours and events.

The meeting was beautiful.
And just what I needed to hear.
Trevor talked about the atonement and what it means in our lives today.
He talked about how the atonement is not just to cover and clean us from our sins.
It is to help us have eternal life.

And to be able to be with the ones we love,
and have lost,

And that is what I love about the atonement.

And that is why I love Easter.
To have the knowledge that I have
that one day I will be with my mom and all my loved ones again
is just amazing to me.

In relief society the lesson was from the manual but it seemed to fit perfectly.
I’m sure that was planned!
It was about the immortality of the soul.

Jill showed a clip from Elder Wirthlin’s talk
Sunday Will Come.
It was beautiful and perfect for the day.

Sunday will come.
No matter our grief or sorrows,
Sunday will come.
And no matter how many ‘Fridays’ we have.
Sunday will come.

After church everyone came over for dinner.
It was a lovely day.

And even though we’re old now,
Kristy and I still had matching Easter dresses.
And now Eliza gets to join in the fun!

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Kellie said...

You guys are so cute :) And I love, love, love that quote by Elder Wirthlin. Thanks for sharing :)