Monday, May 21, 2012

busy weekends

Weekends these days fly by.

I keep thinking that I want a weekend that I have nothing to do.
But that never happens.

Then I think,
it's better to be busy doing good things
than to just sit and waste time.
So I am just going to enjoy the ride.

Friday night Ryan and I went on a double date with Kristy and Dan.
It was fun!

We had dinner at CPK, walked around Gateway and then went to see
The Avengers.

I am not a huge super hero lover so the movie wasn't my favorite.
I didn't hate it.
I just didn't love it.
I think Dan was the only one who really liked it.

Saturday started with an early morning bike ride.
It was lovely.
I am loving the bike thing!
{more on that later}

After that I cleaned the house a bit, showered, went to the temple, 
went grocery shopping and ran a few other errands.

Then I went to the zoo with Kristy and Eliza.
It was tons of fun!
I had not been to the zoo in a long time,
and seeing how much Eliza loved it was the best part!

She did not love when the train left without her on it though!
Luckily the smile came back when we finally got our turn!

After the zoo we met dad and Josh, Jennifer and Cullen for dinner.
Then Ryan and I went to our stake conference Saturday session.
It was really good.
I saw and talked to the Croslands which is always my favorite.
And then we went to Nielson's.
Ryan hadn't been there yet so it was fun.

Sunday was Regional Conference.
My stake was invited to the Conference Center which was nice.
I hadn't been there for a long time.

After that I just got dinner ready and stuff.
Then Kristy and Ben came early and we went to see the Bountiful chalk art.

It was hot!
But it was fun to see.

Then everyone came over for dinner.

It was a lovely weekend!
The weather has been so nice.
I wish it would stay like this for a few months.

I guess a weekend with nothing to do could be nice.
But a weekend full of fun things is probably better!

Happy Monday!

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klt9976 said...

I loved it! (The weekend...not the movie) And Dan said "that could have been a dollar theater movie"

But at least we all got to hang out.