Tuesday, June 19, 2012

buy a bike

8. buy a bike
April 12, 2012

I finally did it!
I have been wanting to buy a bike since I started working at Harmons.
We have a bike ride in Logan every year.
It's another fundraiser for MS.
Last year I had a family reunion so I missed it.
But I decided to do it this year.

I was {and still am a tiny but} afraid of bikes.
After going to San Francisco last year and biking across the bridge
Keith said I have no excuse to not ride MS this year.

So after a lot of shopping
and discussion with Trevor,
I finally decided on the very first bike I looked at.
I just needed Trevor's approval before making the purchase.
Thanks for the help Trev!

I love it!
And not only because of the Tiffany blue handle bars...

MS Bike is this Saturday!
I can't wait!

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