Monday, June 25, 2012

complete a bike race

9. complete a bike race
June 24, 2012

MS Bike 2012
in Logan Utah

What a fun time!

Friday I went into work for a meeting and to get a few last things done.
We finally got out of the office around noon.
I went and got Ryan and we headed north.

We got there and just set up, checked in and hung out.
After dinner Ryan and I went to see the temple.
I really wished we thought ahead and actually went to the temple.

We hung out with the Jensen's after and then finally all went to bed.

Saturday was ride day.
It was hot and windy.
But my 40 miles was not too bad.
I feel bad for anyone who did more.

The course was beautiful and it was just a good ride.
Ryann and I stayed together most of the time.
Events like this are more fun together.

After the ride we got cleaned up, ate and just basically sat around.
I had to wait for Keith to get back.

They ended up doing 100!
I was proud of the boys.
It was a long {11 hours} hard ride.

But they did it!

We had dinner and the awards program and finally headed home.

Ryan and I were going to go to the Art Festival but it was 9pm by the time we got back to Bountiful and we were tired!

It was a fun little weekend.
I am glad Ryan came along.
It was fun seeing him at the finish line.

And thanks to the Jensen family for letting us stay with you.
It was tons of fun!

Until next year!

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