Friday, July 20, 2012

Star Valley Half

Last Saturday I ran the Star Valley half marathon.

I have done these races not 100% trained in the past
but this was probably the least trained I've ever been!
I even thought about not doing it...
But for some reason,
I just hate to sign up and then not do it.

Kristy signed up
and about a week before Haylee decided to join us. 
We had a great time!

Haylee and I stayed together most of the race.
It always helps to have a running buddy.

The course was beautiful!
How could I not run the Star Valley half?!

I had a lot going through my head those 13.1 miles.
I think running in Star Valley got me thinking.
Lots of changes going on in my life.
To be running in a place where a lot of my childhood memories were made
just got to me.

I was happy to see my dad at the finish line.
This was the first race of mine he has come to.
I guess Star Valley will get him!
It meant a lot to have him there.
Probably more so than any other race.

I will probably be doing this again.
It was a really great race.

1 comment:

Haylee said...

You're awesome! Thanks again for running with me! I might have to steal some of those pics!