Friday, August 10, 2012


It's almost been 2 weeks now.
{2 weeks of actually living there}
And I still haven't posted pictures of my new house.

It's been a long couple of months.
Looking for and finding a new place to call home.

I had some long days.
Many sleepless nights.
Some tears were shed.
My heart hurt.
But I think in the end,
this really is the best thing for me.

I am really excited for the adventures ahead.
And the new things this step is going to bring.

I found the perfect place for me.
And I love it.


Kellie said...

You know that two pictures are not doing it justice, right? You are so creative and have such a cute style I can't wait to see it decorated (I know you're not just sleeping on a bare mattress with white walls :)

Eric and Rebekah said...

SO happy for you Jess. Can't Wait to see it!!