Wednesday, August 1, 2012

sleep under the stars

19. sleep under the stars
July 26-27, 2012

Well, I finally slept under the stars this past weekend.
We had our ward trip up to the Horgesheimer's cabin in Bear Lake.
With 100 people in one cabin outside was the best sleeping option!
Although I would have rather been sleeping under the starts in Yellowstone,
this will have to do.
I don't think I pulled out my camera once
so here are a bunch of random phone photos.
I'll have to get better pictures from Kristi.

The fun started Thursday afternoon when I met the Herrick's at Costco to do the shopping.
Over 3 hours and $1,000 dollars later
we were done.

Mark, Brindee and I left around 5pm and headed up.
The car ride seemed forever long for some reason.

We finally made it.

That night we just did dinner and hung out while people were getting there.
Bishop and his wife did a fireside that night.
Then we had an ice cream bar.

Friday morning it was pancake breakfast
and some volleyball before heading to the lake.

The day at the lake was beautiful.
With one boat there wasn't a lot of boating time
so I just stayed on the beach and played in the water.

After the lake we went back for dinner.
Later we went on a night hike and had a devotional and testimony meeting at the top.
It was nice.

After that we came back for some games, relaxing and the Olympic opening ceremonies.

Then it was off to sleep outside again.
Maybe I am immature 
but I spent most of the weekend hanging out with the 18 year olds.
Not the ones in the ward, the bishoprics kids.
I just love Kelli and Brindee!

Saturday morning a few of us woke up early and Bishop took us to the lake.
It was a beautiful morning!

We went back, had breakfast and cleaned up.
Then it was off to La Beau's for a fresh raspberry shake.
Then we made the trek home.
We took Brock and Braxton with us.
That made for an entertaining ride!

Sunday morning we all hoped for ward council to be cancelled.
We felt like we had had enough togetherness time.
Bishop wanted to have it anyway.
So I went.

I think someone had a little too much sun.
Even the bishop had lost it by this point!

It was a fun little getaway.
Thanks Bishop and Kristi for being so great!

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