Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Disneyland {day 3}

Monday September 3rd was Sea World day.
I was very excited about Sea World.
I love it there!
We saw the San Diego temple on our drive.
I really wish I had planned time to go.
Next time I guess.

We made it to Sea World and went straight to the dolphin show.
It was so fun!
Then we went right to the sea lion show.
I wanted to see the big fat walrus but he wasn't there anymore.
It was fun because we were all finally hanging out together.

After that we got some lunch.
And the first of many churros of the trip.
I went with Jason’s family for a while and rode a few rides.

Then we all met up for the Shamu show.
It is shorter now but it was still fun.
And the kids loved it.

After that we had a little more time so I went with Ammon’s family.
We went to the sting rays, the star fish and a few other things.

After Sea World we went to eat at Anthony’s.
That place brings back memories.
It was fun to eat there.
And it was delicious of course.

We all headed back and got to bed after a long fun day.

San Diego is a beautiful place.

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