Tuesday, November 27, 2012

turkey toss 2012

Every year Harmons does a promotion called
Gift for a Gift.

Harmons raises money to donate turkeys 
to the food bank and other places in need.

Then we go and toss them from a semi truck,
pile them up inside,
and families in need come and get them
along with everything else to have a Thanksgiving dinner.

It is always a lot of fun!
And the weather this year was great!
It is so humbling to see thousands of people come
stand in line in the cold just to get some food.
It really made me thankful for all that I have.
And it really gets me ready for the holiday season.

This year,
Harmons and Harmons customers raised enough to donate
8,200 turkeys
which is a lot of turkey!
It is pretty exciting for us.

Be thankful for all you have this season.
And try to help someone in need if you are able.

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