Thursday, December 27, 2012


You would think the lack of posts means I have had nothing to do.
But it seems to be just the opposite.

With Christmas and wedding stuff we've been busy!

Now that Christmas has come and gone for another year
it's on to 2013.

Time flies.

Christmas was really good this year.
It just hasn't been the same for the last 8 years.
Christmas is just hard.
But this year was much better than I was expecting.
So much love and so many things and people to be thankful for.

We've had parties, lights, food, friends, family and more.
But my favorite part has been sharing it all with Ryan.
We've been busy.
And it's been hard.
But with Ryan I feel like I can do anything.
He's the best Christmas gift I could ever ask for.
Actually, he's better.

So, here's the last two weeks summed up in pictures 
{via instagram}

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