Friday, February 8, 2013

Liberty of the Seas {Day 3}

January 30, 2013

Today was our stop in
Labadee, Haiti
Royal Caribbean's private island.

We started our morning with some room service breakfast.
The guy that brought it said
"you have a lot of food"

We got ready for the beach and headed off the ship.
Labadee was gorgeous!
We just hung out at the beach all day.
Soaked up some nice sun.
Then we had lunch on the beach.
Then we walked around the little shops.
Rode a bus 'tour'.
Sat under some palm trees.
Just enjoyed the day.

After the beach we went back and had a snack.
We ate a lot this week.
Then got ready and went to a show.
Then to dinner.

Another lovely day with my love.

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Kristy said...

SO much fun. I'm SO jealous. It looks like a perfect after wedding getaway.