Thursday, March 28, 2013

recipe of the day

I decided to post some recipes from time to time.
Things I try and think other people should try.

I will post my own recipes sometimes
or just ones I try from other sources.
There is no rhyme or reason to this.
No special recipe day or weekly theme.
Just sharing good recipes for others.

I have made dinner almost every night for a lot of years now,
so getting married didn't really change anything.
I just get to the point some weeks
where I feel like I am out of ideas.
I don't want Ryan to be bored with the same things.
{that still happens sometimes, fall back meals are easy}

I am lucky that Ryan pretty much eats anything.
I told him when we were dating 
that if he ever didn't like something he had to tell me
and I wouldn't be offended.
I just wouldn't want to keep making something that he doesn't like.

He's never told me anything to this day.
So hopefully if there ever is anything he doesn't like he will tell me.

He doesn't love frosting so I've never convinced him to love my cupcakes,
until last weekend when he realized the frosting is so good you can't not like it!

With Pinterest these days it's easy to find and try new recipes.
Unfortunately they don't always turn out like the picture.
I have had some fails.
But I still like trying.
You never know until you try for yourself.

I made homemade beef and broccoli this week and I loved it.
Ryan liked it and even Eliza was there and ate her whole plate full.
{she thought it was chicken and broccoli but she ate it all the same}

I would suggest trying this if you like beef and broccoli.
It's super easy and so good.
And better than a restaurant because you know what's going in it.
My only advice is do what they say and use low sodium soy sauce.
I almost just used regular since I had it 
but I am so glad I grabbed low sodium.
It's salty enough with low sodium.

This recipe made enough for Ryan, Eliza and myself.
And lunch for both of us the next day.

Get the full recipe here

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