Monday, March 11, 2013

the final rose

this is the final rose.

Would you believe that Ryan and I have watched the Bachelor this season?
I can't believe it really.
But the drama is just too funny to pass up.

So for three whole hours tonight we will be seeing which one of these girls gets that final rose.

The ones I liked are all gone so I don't really care at this point.
I am more excited to see who the letter is from.
I have two ideas.
Des or Sean's mom.
I kind of hope it's Des...

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Eric and Rebekah said...

oh man we totally should have planned a Final Rose party!! ;) Eric and I have watched the whole season too and I agree, my faves are gone but I want to know who the letter is from. I'm thinking Des or even Lyndsey (who by the way annoys the CRAP out of me)!! But good thinking, it could be his mom!! hmmmmmmmm