Friday, April 19, 2013

wedding planner

I have always thought it would be so fun to be a wedding planner.
I loved planning my wedding.
People were surprised when I got engaged
that I didn't have every detail planned years before it happened.
I had some things in mind,
but ideas definitely change with age.
So I figured I would plan it all when it happened.

I wanted our wedding to be nice but not over the top.
I had a budget to work with
but I still feel like I had everything I wanted.
I personally think it all turned out perfectly.

I have a couple friends getting married
and they have asked me for some tips and recommendations.

Since I was so happy with everything
I decided I would share some of the vendors that I used and enjoyed.

the ring.
The Shane Company

I knew exactly what I wanted.
Although it took some convincing, 
I got it.
Ryan wanted me to have a large diamond.
I wanted stack-ables so my mom's ring could be in the middle.
We were in and out in less than 20 minutes.
We were happy with the service 
and I like that Shane Co. will take care of any problems we may have with the ring, forever.

the dress.
Gateway Bridal

I had no idea what kind of dress I wanted.
I found one I loved in a magazine but it was $2,000.
Gateway had it, but I didn't fall in love with it.
I tried on 4 or 5 total.
I think mine was the second I tried.
I loved it but wanted to make sure.
After a couple more I knew.
I loved my dress when I put it on for the first time
but fell in love with it the second time.

There was a sample sale so they only had one white and one cream.
Neither were my size.
I took a risk and bought the white one that day.
I knew somehow I could get it fixed.
And the price was great.

I didn't want a panel back but knew that would be my last resort.
Gateway doesn't do alterations but they have preferred people who do.
I called Marianne Tower {801.583.4619} in Salt Lake.
She was a miracle worker.
She made my dress fit perfectly, without a panel back!
I was SO happy.
She also added the sheer sleeves and the flower on the front.
I was more than happy with her work 
and even more happy with her price.

the suit.
Mr. Mac

I wanted Ryan to have a gray suit to match the colors.
Scott, my dad's friend at Mr. Mac was great.
Great service and price.

They even altered the jacket 2 days before our groomals!
Our fault for not trying it on.
So happy they got it done.

the photographer.
Amanda Betenson

Pictures were one of the most important thing for me.
I wanted lots.
I wanted every detail captured.

I have known Amanda since high school.
She started photography years ago
and I knew that she would do my wedding someday.
I was so happy with her!
She did such a good job.
She did our engagements, groomals and the wedding day.

the invitations.
Designed by my friend KaDee Edwards
Printed by Sun Litho

I knew just what I wanted and KaDee did it perfectly.
I had a couple proofs printed through other printers
but they never got my vision.
Luckily I work with Shane at Sun Litho a lot for work
and had the idea one day to have him give it a shot.
It was perfect.
Exactly what I wanted.
And a great price.
They even printed addresses on the envelopes.

the flowers.
Tooele Floral

Flowers were the most important thing for me.
All my life I have loved flowers.
I knew Joel and Val would do a great job.
I was so so happy to see my bouquet for the groomals.
I knew they saw my vision.

Dad, Kristy and I went down one day.
I took them some pictures,
told them what I wanted and they did their thing.

I loved everything they did.
The flowers were my main decoration for the reception 
because that is all I wanted.

I loved them.
A lot.

the cake.
Kariann at the Cake Dame

I had always planned on Kit Dodd doing my cake but she was unavailable.
So I asked around and used a referral from a friend.
She was great.
Easy to work with.
I just sent her some pictures and told her the flavor and she did great!
She would have done a tasting but I decided to not do that.
One less thing on our to do list.

We served the cake at the reception until it was gone.
It was really yummy.

the ties.
Tie One On

Basically the only place to buy mass quantities of ties 
at a reasonable price.
I think they were nice.
They even come with a pocket square.
And I like that they have coordinating little boy ones.

the skirts.
my aunt Diane

She is amazing!
I had a little stress figuring out who to have do this.
Then one day it hit me,
Diane sews.
I emailed her and she was more than happy to help.
I loved how they turned out.
She even made me one to wear when we left.

I couldn't have been happier with how they turned out.
I could never thank her enough.

the ceremony.
Bountiful Temple

This was the most important part of our day.
When I was little I wanted to get married in the Salt Lake Temple.
It was classic.
It was where my parents got married.
Then one day I was there doing baptisms and felt out of place.
I get lost there a little bit since I only go when Bountiful is closed.
I felt like Bountiful is my home.
That day I decided that is where I wanted to get married.

Luckily Ryan liked that temple.
He even helped at the open house.

It was perfect.
The most important part of the day.
The only thing that mattered really.

the luncheon.
The Grand Ballroom
As U Wish Catering

We had a Hawaiian buffet for the luncheon.
It was delicious.
I was very happy with the caterer.
Good prices and great food.

the reception.
The Grand Ballroom
As U Wish Catering

We did a soup bar with all the toppings and more.
I think people really enjoyed it.
We snuck a few bites before changing and leaving.
The artichoke dip is to die for!

I was happy with the food and the ballroom.
The only bad thing about the Grand is that they don't lock the door of the bride room.
My coat and phone got stolen.
It could have been worse so I am happy that's all that happened.

One thing I love about the Grand is that you can play a video on a projector.
It was fun to have our baby pictures playing.

I did the other few decorations myself.
I made some picture banners
and our sign in book.
I also did framed pictures of us hanging behind the cake.

I loved doing it and love that it all turned out just how I wanted.
Simple but nice.

Everything was perfect.

So there it is.

My recommended vendors.
Happy planning.

Good luck!

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