Monday, May 20, 2013

green thumb

I've always loved flowers
and I've always wanted a garden.

When I was looking for a house I thought 
I wanted a house so I can have a yard and a garden.

It took me awhile to realize I didn't want that.
I want it.
Just not now.

Luckily our patio has a good amount of dirt to plant in.
It's shady so no veggies though.
And our front has a little patch too.

Saturday after the race we finally got it all done.
I had done the front a couple weeks ago
but the back seemed daunting.

We had to clear out the old stuff.
Wood chips and that black weed mesh.
It was pretty gross!

Then Ammon took us to J&L to get plants.
We got a fun variety of flowers that grow best in shade.

So far they are doing well!
One in the corner must get too much sun 
and gets a little beat up during the day.
But with some water at night by morning it looks good again.

Hopefully they all bloom and look beautiful!
They are perennials too so they'll come back every year.

We also got a little patio table so we sit out there for dinner.

It's all shaded and cooled off by dinner time.
I love it!

Thanks to Ryan and Ammon for helping me!
And Carson, he was such a cute little helper!

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