Tuesday, July 2, 2013

MS bike

Another MS bike ride under my belt.

This year my part was much better.
I guess actually knowing what is expected of me helped.

I rode up with Kelli Friday after a meeting
and got right to decorating the tent.
It was so so hot!
The tent came together so much better than last year.
It turned out pretty fun! 
Our theme was patriotic and everything fit together.

I went and checked in to our hotel
and headed back to help with dinner.
I also visited the Jensen's for a bit.

I waited for Ryan to get there for dinner.
He arrived around 7.
We just ate then hung out for a bit and headed to the hotel.
We swam for a little bit and then went to bed.

Saturday morning I woke up bright and early and headed over.
I had some breakfast, got some pictures
and then the ride started.

Luckily it was overcast all morning.
We really lucked out!

I finished around 11 and felt great.
45 miles is the way to go.
I would never want to do more!

Ryan was at the finish line to cheer and pick me up.
We headed to the hotel to shower fast before we had to check out.
Then we went back to the fair grounds for lunch.

After lunch Ryan and I went to the Logan temple.
We did sealings because I had to be back by 5.
It was really nice.
And a nice little break from the heat and busy day.

We went back and hung out with the Jensen's.
Went to the Harmons tent for the raffle where we won a grill!
Ryan was so excited!
It will be fun to finally be able to BBQ!
Then we got ready for the awards and program.

After that we were out of there!
Two busy and super hot days had worn me out!
We stopped at Bluebird for a yummy dinner and headed home.
We crashed as soon as we got home.
I was so tired!

It was a fun weekend and another great MS event.

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