Monday, July 15, 2013

Star Valley Half Marathon

Sadly it goes without saying,
I was not ready for this race.
Maybe someday I will be ready for one.
But for now I think this was my last one for a year or two.

Friday night Ryan and I headed to the cabin.
We got there around nine.
Eric and Rebekah joined us.

Saturday Rebekah and I got up early and headed in for the race.
It was perfect weather in the morning.
This course is so beautiful.
I think it is my favorite.
Even above Moab.

Anyway, the race was okay.
The weather was great until my last mile.
It down poured!
I was soaked and freezing when I crossed the finish line.
But happy to see Ryan there waiting.
This is the first half I've done that he's been at.
I grabbed some chocolate milk and we headed to the cabin.
I had a nice long bath to warm up.

Later we had some lunch and then the Rice's went to Jackson
but we decided to just stay around the cabin and relax.
We went to Afton and ate at the fish place.
Then we walked around, got ice cream and drove up Swift Creek.
It was still wet and rainy so we didn't hike to the falls.
We'll do that next time.
We came back and watched a movie
and called it a night.

Sunday we had breakfast 
and hung around the cabin a little more before heading home.

It was a fun little weekend away.
It's so nice having the cabin to escape to for a short time.
It's always so quiet and relaxing.
We love it there!

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