Wednesday, September 11, 2013

James Taylor

We were so lucky to get tickets to the
Mormon Tabernacle Choir and
James Taylor
concert on Saturday.

I try for tickets at the conference center all the time
but I never won.

This was the first time!

Our night didn't quite go as planned
but it was fun anyway.

We went to the temple and then headed to Salt Lake.
We should have gone to the Salt Lake temple so we were out there 
but we didn't think about it till too late.

We were going to eat at Blue Lemon
but it took forever to get there because Comic Con was in town.
We saw plenty of crazy people though...
We finally got parked but by the time we got to Blue Lemon the line was ginormous.
So we decided to eat after and headed to get seats at the concert.

The concert was amazing!

We were starving by the end and went to Red Iguana.
We decided to walk there since getting the car out of the crowded parking lot 
probably would have taken an hour.

We finally got there and dinner was yummy.

When we went back for our car the parking lot was closed!
We rang the button and he told us to go to the RS building and he'd let us in.
We found the car and were headed home around 12:30.

We had quite the night!
But it was fun!

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