Tuesday, September 17, 2013


I haven't done a real scrapbook since Italy in 2007.

Sure I've done wedding sign in books
and digital books
and a few other small things on the side
but not a full scrapbook.

I was deciding what to do for the wedding and honeymoon.
I was planning on digital since it's easier and faster
but I still don't like it as much.
And it actually ends up costing more.

I was talking about it with Ryan and he said
he likes when I make them.

So I decided to break out the supplies and have at it.
I've been doing our honeymoon book
and it's been so much fun!
And going faster than I thought,
I'm actually almost done.
And the best part is I didn't buy one thing for it.
I just have so much I am using what I have.

It's so fun to see all the pictures
and re live the fun time we had.

I haven't let Ryan look yet because I don't want him to see it until it's done.
I can't wait till it's done and we get to look at it all!

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