Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Josh Groban

Last week was a super busy week.
I think I was in my office for less than 20 hours.

I had back to back meetings Friday
but ran to my office for a minute to check a few emails
and our newspaper rep came by.

I went in to say hi and he handed me 2 tickets.

I looked down and read Josh Groban, October 11th.
I couldn't believe it!
I asked him if this was a joke!

He said, 
"I'll tell you a joke, give them back."

I got Josh Groban tickets handed to me.
For free!

I was pretty excited.

I text Ryan and told him.
We were supposed to go to ward temple night
so I felt bad about that
but we went to the concert.

It was so much fun!

Josh Groban is a great performer
if you ever get the chance to see him,

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