Monday, October 7, 2013

marathon date

I remember dances in high school 
when you would do a day activity and dinner and the dance all in one day.
It seemed like a marathon date.

And depending on the date,
it may even have felt like an Ironman date.

Friday night we did so many things in one night
that it could be classified as a marathon date.
Luckily it was with Ryan so it was fun the whole time!
And just what we both needed.

We went to Blue Lemon
for dinner.
Then to the Joseph Smith Building 
to see an art exhibit they had 
of the sketches of Arnold Friberg's
Book of Mormon prints.
Then we went to Galaxy
for pumpkin ice cream.
Then we went to see Gravity
in Imax 3D.

See, marathon date.
But it was so fun to just do a bunch of things we wanted to do.
We don't usually do date night on Friday
but with Conference Saturday we did.

It was perfect!

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