Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Give A Gobble

Every year at Harmons we do a food drive
to raise money to provide turkeys
and other needed items 
to the Utah Food Bank.
These donations help families in need have a Thanksgiving meal.
Some of our stores have sold over 1,000 turkeys already!

The day before Thanksgiving we go toss 3,500 turkeys {just a tiny portion of what we donate}
from the truck to the building where people come pick them up.
This is one of my favorite work days of the year.

It's so humbling to see the people there,
in line so early in the morning,
in the freezing cold,
just to be able to have a Thanksgiving meal. 
Or any food at all.

Please go to any Harmons and donate
now through November 24th.
It's only $10 to help those in need.

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