Thursday, December 26, 2013


I couldn't have asked for a better Christmas this year. 

It was such a fun day!
I loved spending it all with Ryan.

The whole week was filled with lots of family time.

Saturday we started it out with the Tolman party.
We were in charge and did a Christmas morning theme.
Breakfast and jammies, what more do you need?!

Monday we had our family party at my dad's house.
Lots of yummy food and crazy kids!

Christmas Eve was the Larsen party.
We ate soup and bread, played some games and did the Nativity.
They have amazing costumes for the Nativity.
I was a shepherd and Ryan was a wise man.

We went home and put on our Broncos pj's and watched some Office.

Christmas day we slept in, ate yummy Christmas rolls and hot chocolate, watched movies and relaxed.
We counted the cruise as our gifts so we just did stockings for each other.
It was fun getting and giving just a few meaningful little thing.
I think we will just do that every year.

After our morning we went for our visits and then ended the night seeing Frozen.

I am so thankful to have Ryan to spend these special days with.
He makes me so happy!

I hope you all had a lovely Christmas!

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