Wednesday, December 4, 2013


It took us awhile to decide what to do this year for Thanksgiving.
I am glad we finally decided to go to the cabin.

It was perfect weather and a lovely weekend.

we cooked
we ate
we took pictures
we fed the horses
we saw some amazing snow
we enjoyed the sun
we saw some lights
we bought stockings
we ate leftovers
we picked out our Christmas tree
we watched movies

It was a a great weekend!

I am so so thankful for Ryan

1 comment:

Haylee said...

First, you are gorgeous! Seriously--every single picture just gorgeous!!

Second, it looks like such a FUN weekend, and your food looks delish!

Third, I like your tree--and thanks for getting me one too!! It's my favorite!

Last, I'm still slightly offended that you didn't want to come spend thanksgiving with my family and bring THE cheese ball for an appetizer! ;)