Tuesday, December 31, 2013


Another year over.
I can't believe it!

Time to make new goals
and look forward to a fresh beginning.

This New Year's Eve I have been reflecting on the last year.
This year has been the best year of my life.
So many adventures and changes.
So much happiness.

I wanted to pick my top 13 highlights from 2013
it was hard since there were so many but here they are...

Of course, number one is and always will be,
our wedding day.
It was nothing short of perfect.
Magical really.
I think about that day often.

A close second would be 
the honeymoon.
After being so busy and having so many things to do and places to go
it was so perfect to just get away for a whole week with Ryan.
Nothing to do but enjoy each other and the lovely sunshine.

Number three comes from May,
we planted a garden.
It's just flowers for now but I have always wanted a garden.
It was fun picking out plants and cleaning it all up and planting together.
Now let's hope they come back next summer!

Number four could include all our great summer nights
but one in particular was the night we went to 
a drive in movie.
We loaded up the love sac and treats and just had such a fun night.
I could not even remember the last time I had been
so that made it even more fun.

Number five would be all the wonderful
boating trips.
I love nothing more than sitting on a boat in the sun.
It's so nice and relaxing.
Can't wait for more next year!

Number six is a combination of 
camping trips.
We never had the best weather but I loved going to some of Ryan's favorite places with him.
We went to Yellowstone and the Grand Canyon.
I'd never been to the Grand Canyon so it was a first for me!
Next year I hope the rain stays away from our camping adventures.

Number seven was when we both took a day off and went to 
I felt like a child and loved the whole day!
There was hardly anyone there and we just got to do what we want
with no lines and no other people.
It was such a fun day!

Number eight was the time I got
front row tickets to the Utah game.
I am not a die hard fan but any sporting event is fun on the front row!
It was perfect weather and just such a fun experience being front and center!

Number nine is another mash because it was more than one
trip to the cabin.
I love going to the cabin with Ryan for a short weekend getaway.
It's so peaceful and relaxing there.
I always wish we could stay longer.

Ten brings us to Thanksgiving weekend when we 
cut down our own Christmas tree.
It was so much fun doing this with Ryan.
Just driving around
trying to find the best spot.
Trying to find the perfect tree that would actually fit in our house.
Decorating it was fun too!

Number eleven would have to be
my birthday.
It was just a fun night and Ryan made it so special.
I love special days
and I think seeing the lights started the holiday season for me.

Twelve would be all the 
Christmas festivities.
Parties, dinners, visits and just having the day off to be together.
This was our first Christmas married so it was so fun to get to be together all day.

Thirteen is our 
Yep, second cruise of 2013.
It counts for our anniversary though.
We had so much fun!
It was the perfect week and the perfect time together.
I am so glad we went.

Thirteen items from a whole year is not enough!
So many great things happened this year I could include 20 more!
Babies, weddings, vacations, restaurants, new recipes.
So many things!

I am thankful for this year and for all the years that brought me to this point and
I am looking forward to 2014 to see what adventures unfold.

Happy New Year!


Dave and Mandi said...

Loved reading your review Jess. You are so beautiful. I am so happy you and Ryan found each other. I don’t know how 2014 could top this year for you two!!

Jillums said...

I love reviewing the year at the end to see how much has been accomplished. Your list was beautiful! Here's to a just as great 2014!!