Monday, September 30, 2013


Last week was a long week.
One I am glad is over.
Hopefully this week is better.

After a crazy Saturday to end of the crazy week,
we finally headed to Park City a few hours later than we planned.

We went to Red Rock for dinner
where the bruschetta appetizer can make anyone's day better.
Then we went to see Thriller at the Egyptian.

It was a fun night and the perfect way to welcome in fall.

Thursday, September 26, 2013


Just over eight years ago I heard a song,
one I had heard a million times before.
But this time the song meant something more.
It meant something to me. 

I cried while I listened to the words of this song over and over again.
I took this CD into my moms room and played the song for her.
We cried together.
And then we listened to it again. 

I spent many times before that sitting in my moms bed with her.
Some days we'd cry but most the time we would talk
and laugh and make memories that I will cherish forever.

What I wouldn't give to walk into that house
and see my mom standing in the kitchen 
making bread or pumpkin cookies. 
What I wouldn't give to have her here
right now.
being a part of my life.

7,603 days I spent with her.
2,922 I have spent without her.

The worst part is that everyday I feel like I am forgetting her.
I hate not being able to hear her voice
or smell her smell
or feel her touch in a hug.

Everyday is another day without her.
Another day separating the last day I was with her.
And it hurts my heart that the days seem to go faster and faster
making one more day at a time
without her.

I wish she was here.
Everyday I wish that.
But through it all,
I know she is with me.
I know she has a hand in my life
and knows exactly what is going on.
And I am so happy to know that.

I am so happy to know that I will be with her again.
Knowing that is what gets me through all the days without her.
And makes me want to live to be like her
so I can spend forever with her.

When my mom died we all wanted someone to sing this song at the funeral.
We thought about a few people who could do it.
Then we thought,
let's just see if Nancy Hanson, the original artist, would come sing it.
We emailed her
and she said she would love to come. 

It was beautiful
and perfect
and made the song even that much more special.

I'll meet you there, mom

Kissed your cheek and said goodbye,
I'd be back in a day or two.
Never thought you'd leave for good,
never thought you'd leave so soon.

Now there sits an empty room
where once a heart beat strong.
If only I could say to you,
the words I kept too long.

There's a place waiting for you
where you'll dance and laugh again,
where the autumn sings her lullaby
the evening fog tucks you in.

Where hearts and minds are peaceful now,
free of all despair,
where love surrounds your every thought,
I'll meet you there

Deserted by your precious gifts,
you walk that road alone.
No compass or companion,
so weary from the storm.
Somehow you bore the burden
and never passed the cup
until the angels called your name
and you were lifted up.

To the place waiting for you
where you'll dance and laugh again,
where the autumn sings her lullaby
the evening fog tucks you in.

Where hearts and minds are peaceful now,
free of all despair
where love surrounds your every thought,
I'll meet you there.

In the quiet of the moment in a look through heavens door
I see a face that's smiling and I see your spirit soar

To the place waiting for you
where you'll dance and laugh again,
where the autumn sings her lullaby
the evening fog tucks you in.

Where hearts and minds are peaceful now,
free of all despair
love surrounds your every thought,
I'll meet you there.

I'll meet you there. 

-Nancy Hanson

Monday, September 23, 2013


Saturday night we loaded the love sac in the truck
grabbed some sandwiches 
and headed up the mountain to watch the sunset.

It was so much fun.
It got a little windy and chilly but we still enjoyed it.

The sun got a little covered by clouds but it was still pretty.

Fall is in the air and I love it!

Tuesday, September 17, 2013


I haven't done a real scrapbook since Italy in 2007.

Sure I've done wedding sign in books
and digital books
and a few other small things on the side
but not a full scrapbook.

I was deciding what to do for the wedding and honeymoon.
I was planning on digital since it's easier and faster
but I still don't like it as much.
And it actually ends up costing more.

I was talking about it with Ryan and he said
he likes when I make them.

So I decided to break out the supplies and have at it.
I've been doing our honeymoon book
and it's been so much fun!
And going faster than I thought,
I'm actually almost done.
And the best part is I didn't buy one thing for it.
I just have so much I am using what I have.

It's so fun to see all the pictures
and re live the fun time we had.

I haven't let Ryan look yet because I don't want him to see it until it's done.
I can't wait till it's done and we get to look at it all!

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

James Taylor

We were so lucky to get tickets to the
Mormon Tabernacle Choir and
James Taylor
concert on Saturday.

I try for tickets at the conference center all the time
but I never won.

This was the first time!

Our night didn't quite go as planned
but it was fun anyway.

We went to the temple and then headed to Salt Lake.
We should have gone to the Salt Lake temple so we were out there 
but we didn't think about it till too late.

We were going to eat at Blue Lemon
but it took forever to get there because Comic Con was in town.
We saw plenty of crazy people though...
We finally got parked but by the time we got to Blue Lemon the line was ginormous.
So we decided to eat after and headed to get seats at the concert.

The concert was amazing!

We were starving by the end and went to Red Iguana.
We decided to walk there since getting the car out of the crowded parking lot 
probably would have taken an hour.

We finally got there and dinner was yummy.

When we went back for our car the parking lot was closed!
We rang the button and he told us to go to the RS building and he'd let us in.
We found the car and were headed home around 12:30.

We had quite the night!
But it was fun!

Monday, September 9, 2013


We went to Boondocks and had so much fun!
I got super discounted tickets awhile back and we just finally went.

It was not busy so we never waited in lines
and a lot of the things were just us, no one else.

We did the race tracks,
bumper water boats.
mini golf,
roller ball,
laser tag
and a few arcade games.

It was really such a fun day
just being together.

Thursday, September 5, 2013

it was grand

We went to the Grand Canyon
for Labor Day weekend.

Ryan's parents and Rachel met us there
a day late due to car troubles 
but they eventually made it.

I had never been so it was a fun weekend!
I would have preferred less rain
but luckily Sunday and Monday were beautiful.
It was a miracle!

We did all the things camping entails.

saw the sights
ate yummy camp food
had campfires
took naps
ate treats
stamped our national parks passport
were ready for a shower
and had a great time!

I love going to Ryan's favorite places with him.

Monday, September 2, 2013

so long sweet summer

Labor Day marks the last minutes of summer.
I also hope it's the end of the crazy heat we've had this year.

I can't believe how fast summer has come and gone.
Time just flies on by.

I have loved this summer.
Maybe because it's the first one I've spent married to Ryan.
We've just had so much fun
and done a lot of great things.

cabin trips
root beer floats
Bee's game
sno cones
outdoor movies
farmers market
arts festival

It's been a good summer.

And I'm looking forward to a lovely fall.